Breakfast In the Salt Marsh

When the tide is just right and the minnows in the water are plentiful, wading birds gather in the salt marsh in search of food. White Ibis, Egrets, Herons, and Wood Storks can often be seen feeding side by side in the marsh.

This morning my husband got my attention to show me a long line of white birds lined up on the railing of our neighbor’s dock. By the time I got my camera ready many of the birds had flown down into the marsh but there were still a few white ibis and great egrets surveying the area before diving in to eat.

White Ibis searching for breakfast in the salt marsh
Great Egret
White Ibis
Great Egret

It’s always entertaining to watch the white ibis as they feed. Usually there is a large group of them poking their long beaks under the water to capture fish. Suddenly, all of them will start wading through the water in the same direction in search of more food. They don’t stay long in any one place. Eventually, they tire of the area and fly off in search of better fishing grounds.

Ibis dining in the salt marsh
White Ibis dining in the salt marsh

I never know when I’m going to stumble across flocks of birds in the marsh but it’s always a treat when I see them. I was lucky to see them this morning and was glad to have my camera nearby.


19 thoughts on “Breakfast In the Salt Marsh

  1. So glad you had your camera with you! They are beautiful birds. If so inclined, I could walk to a nesting spot, but I usually go in the car. 🙂 The only challenge is it is in a subdivision and the residents aren’t too keen on people stopping for long periods of time. I’d love to take a lawn chair, get out my tripod, and try to capture them as they come in to roost at night.

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    1. Thanks Judy! Judy, there is a place near our neighborhood with two ponds and trees the birds often perch on. I’ve done exactly what you said. So peaceful to be there. I see other photographers there all the time. The problem is you never know when the birds will be there!

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  2. A treat indeed. Glad you grabbed your camera just in time to capture a few images while birds were still sitting on the fence. Love the photo of the ibis walking across the dock. Nice captures!

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