Bird Weekly Challenge #32: Birds with Brown Feathers

I hope you enjoy these brown feathered birds from my archives. The Brown Pelicans pictured above were on the pier in Cedar Key, Florida.

I spotted the next four – a Hawk, Osprey, Juvenile Wood Stork, and House Sparrow – at different times near where I live in Coastal Georgia.

Hawk – Coastal Georgia
Osprey – Coastal Georgia
Juvenile Wood Stork – Coastal Georgia
House Sparrow

The birding was great as we traveled around the Texas Gulf coast a few years ago.

Male Green-winged Teal- Texas Gulf Coast
Northern Shoveler and unidentified brown birds – Texas Gulf Coast

Thank you Lisa. for this Bird Weekly Challenge: Brown Feathered Birds

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  1. These are fantastic Beth! You know the Brown Pelicans are my fav! The juvvie Woodstork has a face only a mother could love! Your mallard is not a mallard. That, my friend is a male Green-winged Teal and what an AWESOME capture! Congrats on that one! Envious! 🙂

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