April in the Rear View Mirror

Here’s what happened in my world in April, 2023.

Month of the Military Child

I can’t let April go by without mentioning that April is the Month of the Military Child. Military children are also sometimes called Brats. I am proud to be a United States Air Force Brat.

Trip to the Country

After what seems like a long, cold winter we took a short road trip to the country in early April. We couldn’t go by the Georgia Football Barn Sign on Georgia Highway 15 in Tennile with stopping to snap a few photos. The trees were just beginning to display their green leaves. We spotted a few deer and wild turkeys but I wasn’t able to capture a photo.


I was happy to see that these plants survived the freeze we had around Christmas.

Backyard Birds

Painted Buntings and other birds started appearing at my backyard bird feeder and in the surrounding salt marsh. The hummingbirds are also here but so far I haven’t been able to get a photo of them.


Our Book Club book for April was “The Blessing of the Celtic Curse”, the first in the Saints of Savannah series. The author, Leigh Ebberwein was our guest at our April meeting. We all loved the book and enjoyed hearing her stories about writing the book.

I also enjoyed reading “Remarkable Bright Creatures” by Shelby Van Pelt, “My Sisters Grave” by Robert Dugoni and “Still Life” by Louise Penney.

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15 thoughts on “April in the Rear View Mirror

  1. Thank you for your weekend coffee share. Your bird and flower photos are gorgeous. I’m waiting patiently for more green leaves on trees and more flowers to bloom in my corner of the world. May is our tulip time. I’m on wait list at the library for “Remarkable Bright Creatures” book. Have a wonderful May and I hope you consider joining Weekend Coffee Share again soon.

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  2. I send my sincere thank you to you, your family, and every single other brat and their family for supporting all the brave men and women who have served in our Armed Forces. Your flowers are beautiful, and I just finished reading “My Sister’s Grave.” It was a good read. Happy May!

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  3. I’m a Marine Brat but had no idea the Dandelion was the Military Childs flower. You learn something new everyday!
    The birds that have come to your feeder(s) are amazing and beautiful.

    I read Vince Flynn’s American Assassin, and Oath of Loyalty in April and started Death in a Red Canvas Chair by N.A. Granger. I’m nearly finished with it. Both are good reads. I’ve got a Sci-fi book lined up for my next read- Book 4 of the Terran Scout Fleet series by Joshua Dazelle.

    Wishing you a Happy May!

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    1. Thanks! Glad to connect with another Brat! I’m enjoying the birds this year. I was glad I had my camera with me when the woodpecker came to the feeder for an easy meal! I love the Mitch Rapp books! I heard him speak and met him at a book festival a few years before he died. Happy May to you, too!

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