Day 9: Tourist Attractions and More Rain in Minnesota

Day 9: Friday, May 24, 2013. Coralville Lake, Iowa to Welcome, Minnesota with a couple of side trips. Welcome Campground, Site 10. 278 miles traveled.

Who says road trips have to be boring? We like to stop when there is something fun to see along our route. Sometimes we will even go out of our way to see something interesting. Today was one of those days.

We went out of our way to Austin, Minnesota to visit the Spam Museum. We learned everything there is to know about Spam! As soon as you take the Austin Exit I-90 you start to see Hormel processing plants. Signs direct you to the museum which is located right in the middle of downtown. We parked the RV on the street in front of the museum and took a tour and then had a Spam Burger for lunch at the diner outside.

After about an hour in Austin we were back on our way west on I-90. We stopped again in Blue Earth, Minnesota to visit the 55 foot tall Green Giant Statue.

The rain started after we returned to the interstate. We set up the camper in the rain in Welcome, Minnesota. We heard the rain on the roof most of the night and got ready to go in a drizzle.

If you like to see unusual and fun places as you travel, Roadside America is a great resource. You can also purchase a copy of the book to carry with you in your vehicle.

8 thoughts on “Day 9: Tourist Attractions and More Rain in Minnesota

  1. Well, how was the Spam burger? Thanks for the tip on Roadside America, I will check it out. John and I did a very long hike yesterday at Lake Tahoe. Too long for our first hike. We are going to do a bike ride today and then we head to Yosemite tomorrow. Looks like we may have a couple of rainy days at Yosemite, then the weather turns beautiful.


    1. Sherry, the Spam burger was actually not bad. We had the flavor of the day – Spam and cheese. There are 10 different flavors! Who knew?

      You will love Yosemite. Can’t wait to see your pictures!


  2. What fun! A couple of new spots for us to visit when we’re in the area.
    Are you familiar with : ?
    They have strange and quirky attractions to see all over the country.


  3. Anymore, I just delete Spam when I get it. A side trip of this sort has Enreeker written all over it. Never been a fan of the stuff, and when I saw Zimmern eat it at a Spam-themed restaurant in Hawaii, admitting he hated the stuff, I felt culinarily validated.
    Y’all keep having fun, and keep sharing it with us !


    1. Tim, When we were in Hawaii a few years ago Henry had Spam Musubi for breakfast one day. It’s like Spam sushi – Spam wrapped in sticky rice and seaweed. He loved it and wore his Spam musubi t-shirt to the museum. A couple of people commented on his shirt and a lady at the museum said they eat a lot of it in Alaska, too


  4. Did Blondie get a sample? Leland was raised on spam, lol. We were in your neck of the woods yesterday. Tybee weather was picture perfect. Keep on truckin.


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