Bird Weekly Challenge #30: Birds that begin with the letter “C”

C is for Cormorant, Cardinal, Canada Geese, Carolina Chickadee, American Coot, Whooping Crane and Sandhill Crane.

Northern Cardinal in winter
Canada Geese
Carolina Chickadee
American Coot
Whooping Crane and Sandhill Cranes

Thank you Lisa. for this Bird Weekly Challenge: Birds that begin with the letter “C”

Bird Weekly Challenge #27: Birds with Long Wingspans

The wingspan of the American White Pelican can be as much as nine feet wide. A single pelican is shown in the image above and the next image is a trio flying over the water.

American White Pelican

These are some more of of my favorite captures of birds with long wingspans.

Thank you Lisa. for this Bird Weekly Challenge: Birds with Long Wingspans

Lens- Artists Challenge #129: Favorite Images of 2020

Here’s a look back at 2020 with a few of my favorite photos from the year.

Before Covid-19 shut down world, the first two and a half months of 2020 were pretty normal for me. Henry and I explored the beach close to home, enjoyed a fun getaway to nearby Savannah to attend a Willie Nelson concert and be tourists for two days, I puttered in the garden and planted Camellias, and I had fun going on outings with friends.

After the shutdown began in mid March my photography options were limited to things and places close to home. The weather was perfect for working in the garden, watching the birds and butterflies, and walking in the neighborhood or at the beach.

In July we ventured away from home to celebrate our 50th anniversary. Our original plan was to go on our first ever cruise. When all the cruises were cancelled, our plan B was to spend a few nights at the Jekyll Island Club. It turned out to be a perfect place for us to celebrate.

Birds and butterflies continued to keep me entertained during the hot, dry August. We were safe as tropical storm Isaias passed us by.

Fall arrived with cooler weather, clear blue skies, a walk in the park and more birds.

Our holidays were quiet with no family visiting from out of town and no neighborhood parties. Phone calls and Facetime kept us in touch with all of our loved ones. The Christmas lights in our neighborhood made me smile and there were some beautiful days for being outside.

Many thanks to Tina, Patti, Amy, Ann-Christine and the guest hosts for these wonderful Lens-Artists challenges. Thank you for giving me an incentive to keep taking photos and keep this blog going.

Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe 2021!

Many thanks to Tina for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 129 – Favorite Images of 2020

Turkeys, Thanksgiving, and Giving Thanks

This Thursday we celebrate Thanksgiving in the United States. Turkey is traditionally the main course served for the Thanksgiving meal so this week, turkey is on my mind.

During our RV travels we encountered a few wild turkeys.

Wild Turkey in a campground in Texas
Wild turkey in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Wild turkeys roaming around a campground in Georgia


Last year at this time I was frantically getting everything ready to host a family Thanksgiving. Months before the holiday I thought about how it had been a long time since my brothers and I celebrated a holiday together. I also thought about how life is too short to put things off so I called and invited them to our house for Thanksgiving. I’m so glad I did.

Thanksgiving with my brothers was extra special last year. We laughed a lot, reminisced, and sat up talking late into the night. Our son and one of our granddaughters was here part of the time to add to the fun.


This year will be quite different. We will have a small quiet Thanksgiving at home. I will be preparing a Thanksgiving feast, just on a smaller scale this year. In fact, I just got back from what I hope is my final trip to the grocery store. Let the cooking begin!


I wake up every day thankful for the gift of today. There is so much I have to be thankful for – my health, my family, my friends, the beauty of nature, a visit with my grandchildren. This year I am extremely grateful that my family is healthy, well, and able to work. I’m thankful for everyone in the medical field for their tireless work. I am also thankful for the researchers and developers of a vaccine for the virus and for all of the volunteers who are participating in the testing of the vaccine.

This post was inspired by Lisa’s Bird Weekly Challenge #24: Hunted or consumed by Humans and Amy’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #124: Now and Then