Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #146: Focusing on the Details

A few weeks ago we spent a few days in middle Georgia where I enjoyed wandering around the fields of an old dairy farm. As I walked around I saw spring flowers and new growth all around me.

It was easy to spot this brightly colored thistle growing in the middle of a field.

New growth on pine tree

Many thanks to Patti for this Photo Challenge: Focusing on the Details. Please be sure to visit her original post at Lens-Artists Challenge #146: Focusing on the Details

Lens-Artists #117: A Photo Walk

For this photo challenge Amy has asked us to share a photo walk. I chose a selection of images from three walks made in the same place.

We made a few trips to middle Georgia this spring and summer. We like to spend time on the land where my grandfather had a dairy farm almost 100 years ago.

I always enjoy walking around the property and love to see how the landscape changes with the seasons.

The above images were on a walk in early spring when the bunnies were out and the honeysuckle was blooming.

Many wildflowers bloom in the summer and the wild blackberries are ripe enough to pick.

In early September the fruit of the sour oranges (not good to eat), persimmons, and winged sumac were ripe and wildflowers were blooming around the edges of the woods.

Thanks to Amy for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #117: Photo Walk.

Lens-Artists #105: Spring

This July “Seasons” will be the theme for the entire month with a different season featured each week. This week the challenge is “Spring”. For me, spring is best represented by the vibrant colors of flowers.

Here in coastal Georgia I know it is spring when the azaleas, dogwoods and fruit trees are blooming.

Spring Azaleas
Spring Dogwood Bloom
Peach Blossoms in Georgia
Peach Blossoms in Georgia

Spring is a beautiful time for a road trip. In Texas, fields are filled with the bluebonnets and other brightly colored wildflowers.

Bluebonnets near Stonewall, Texas
Bluebonnets near Stonewall, Texas
Boots and Bluebonnets in Texas
Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush along Park Road 4
Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrush along Park Road 4

The spring blossoms in the Blue Ridge Mountains add bright colors to the landscape.

Flame Azaleas on the Blue Ridge Parkway
Wild Rhododendron along the Blue Ridge Parkway
Eastern Redbud at rest area in Western North Carolina

Tina, thank you for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Spring

February Wildflowers in North Florida

The calendar said February but the flowers said spring!

As we wandered along the trails of Silver Springs State Park and O’Leno State park in north Florida this February, wildflowers added a pop of color to the lush green forest around us.

Wild Azaleas at O’Leno State Park, FL

Carolina Jasmine along the swamp trail in Silver Springs State Park

Pickerel Weed in the Silver River

Wild Dogwood blooms in O’Leno State Park

Can you identify this Florida Wildflower seen near the Ichetucknee River?

The Wild Dogwoods were in full bloom at O’Leno State Park

Happy spring!