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We are a retired baby boomer couple who are lifelong, diehard Georgia Bulldog fans. Our travels in our 35 foot fifth wheel have taken us to most of the states in the U.S. and several Canadian provinces during the last 12 years. We are “part-time” RV’ers who sometimes make long RV trips and return home for a while before setting out on a new journey.

For about the first 10 years of RV’ing we made at least one long trip a year including a trip to Alaska from Georgia. We currently take shorter trips and limit our wandering closer to home. There is a lot to see in our home state of Georgia and the surrounding states. We also have some non-RV trips in our future.

When we are not wandering I occasionally post about my garden and other goings on in Coastal Georgia.

Thanks for stopping by!

2014Visited States and Provinces
Where we’ve wandered in our RV


48 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Washington tomorrow… welcome back to the lower 48! I’m curious Beth… do you and Henry have season tickets to the Georgia home games? 17 days to go till college football… hard to believe! I will enjoy the Braves magnificent baseball season and be thinking of you dawgs!!


  2. Thanx for visiting our website! We spent a wonderful afternoon in Jacksonville, FL this past weekend enjoying FL/GA football game. Your dawgs ran without interference during the first half, but the gators gave ’em some resistance in the 2nd. As I’m sure you’re aware, GA won by 3 points. It was a great game to watch, in a park with an equal number of raucous (but civil) fans from both sides. I’m a New Englander by birth, a Floridian by domicile, but may have to root for Georgia in the future!


  3. It’s a lot of fun here! I know I’ll enjoy returning again and again. Thanks to you for stopping by my place yesterday, too. Hope you’ll come back – anytime; you know you’re welcome.


  4. Hi Beth.. Thanks for visiting our BLOG, as well. This is our 2nd year out fulltiming and as you probably read in our “about us” we are from that great state of Georgia, as well. Lived in Cumming for 13 years before retiring out and headed out on the road. We’re currently in Dolores, CO for a couple of months b4 heading to Idaho….
    Maynard and Barb



    1. Thanks for visiting our blog! It’s always good to hear from fellow Georgians! It’s amazing how many people from Georgia we have met in our travels. We stayed in Cortez several years ago and drove through Delores when we took a day trip on the Million Dollar Highway. What a beautiful place to be!


  5. Hi. Linda Smith here from “Sunset Gypsies”. Just wanted to say we are following now. Mike and I have been reading and looking over your pix of Canada and Alaska, Awesome. We definitely have those on our agenda. Especially loved the plane trip over McKinley and actually standing on a glacier. Wow! That had to be an experience of a lifetime. By the way. For some reason I thought you and your Mike were Canadians. I guess it was because I had read your blog about coming to the states from Canada. I didn’t know you were from Georgia. My Mike was born in Fitzgerald, Georgia (south Georgia). That’s where I first started writing for the newspaper and our kids grew up there. I’m native Alabamian. We love reading the travel blogs and now you are on our list. Great job.


  6. Hi Wandering Dawgs. Nice to find your blog. I’ve been down the rv blog rabbit hole for months doing research before we strike out on the road finding mostly full timers (which we may possibly become) so it’s good to see a nice part timer’s blog. We are recently retired, planning to get our first 5th wheel in April and travel mostly spring and fall. Up to now our camping has been in a tent, so it will be a new and somewhat scary adventure until we get used to pulling 35′ of house. We are excited to finally be at the point where we can do this. Look forward to following your travels.

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      1. We live in Colorado. We will be selling this house and moving to a lower elevation sometime in the next 2 years, but will stay in Colorado unless we decide to full time for a few years. We love our climate. We have a daughter who lives outside Atlanta and long time friends in Hilton Head, so will be coming your way from time to time. A month on the panhandle of FL sounds devine.


  7. OK, NOW I understand the “dawgs” part of your moniker. But your pooch doesn’t really resemble Ugga too much.

    Beth, I’m interested in the photo challenge process. You’ve posted some WONDERFUL stuff. I’m a fairly serious photographer and would love to come out play. I keep some of my favorite images here if interested : http://www.GeneJurrensPhotography.wordpress.com.

    I look forward to following your work and your travels! Gene


  8. Howdy neighbor! We’re based in Alabama and are in the planning stages of a trip across the states. We’re new to RVing but I’m excited and looking forward to launch day! I absolutely LOVE your photos, so many beautiful places to see on our beautiful earth. Please stop by my blog sometime! πŸ™‚

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  9. We’re so glad you found our website thetravelingtodds.com. I see that you have taken adventures and blogging about them for some time now. I’ll be using your posts as a reference when we plan our future trips.

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  10. Alaska! The only US state I’ve yet to get to!
    I’ve done many many road trips (in cars, not RVs) — my first cross country one was August 1974, driving in a Fiat with my pal Millie from CT to our freshman years at CA colleges. One of my most adventurous was a solo circumnavigation of the perimeter of the 48 contiguous states in 2014. Canada and Alaska are next in 2019.
    Found you through the “Transient” Photo Challenge.

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  11. OMG! I am a 50-stater and a Woof! Woof! Bulldogger as well. What a delightful page lay-out. You’ll have to share how you created the phenomenal maps on Alaska camping. Sounds like a fantastic journey.


    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m glad you like the maps! I created all the maps using Google maps. I had to play around with it until I figured out how to do what I wanted. It’s too much detail to try to explain here but you should be able to get online help with it. Good luck!

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  12. Thanks for the Christmas Greeting, Beth! Long ago I should have thanked you too for your visits to wingedbeauty . . . and for your appreciated thoughts.
    My, the butterflies you must see during your travels. . . . . .
    I’ll get a taste of that later this week, in sourthernmost Texas.
    To 2018!

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  13. Beth. A prize-winning tour of your Favorite place. I have spent time in Shellman Bluff, which looks a lot like your coastal home, and your fine images so evoke my fond memories of that time and place. Thanks.

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