Throwback Thursday #6 – September 12, 2015

We’re not traveling as much in our fifth wheel anymore so I thought it would be fun to relive some of our most memorable days from previous RV trips.

On this day four years ago, September 12 2015. we were camping at Claytor Lake State Park, Virginia, one of our favorite state park campgrounds. Our daughter lives nearby and we enjoyed the fall beauty of the park when we weren’t enjoying spending time with her family.

It’s always fun to be somewhere and have an unexpected event taking place. Four years ago today, the Claytor Lake Triathlon was going on. I walked over to the lake to watch some of the race.

Ready, set , go!
Swimmers in the 2015 Claytor Lake Triathlon
Swimmers heading for the beach
Swimmers heading for the beach at Claytor Lake
Starting the bike ride
Starting the bike ride

I enjoyed walking the trails in the state park every morning. One morning I spotted white tailed deer in the woods.

White tailed deer at Claytor Lake State Park, VA

We enjoyed Claytor Lake so much we have camped there multiple times. There’s more about this stay at A few days in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia.

Last week’s Throwback Thursday was interrupted by Hurricane Dorian. After waiting on pins and needles for several days to see where it was going to go, we decided not to evacuate. The center of the storm passed offshore about 80 miles east of us at about 8 p.m. on Wednesday, September 4, 2019. The wind gusts were strong at times but we had no damage and no flooding. Other than some yard cleanup we were fine and only lost power for 18 minutes. Our neighborhood had no major damage and for that I am very grateful.

The Bahamas did not fare so well. Please keep the Bahamian people in your prayers. It will be a long time before many of them will be able to recover from the devastation Dorian caused there.



Throwback Thursday #5 – August 29, 2006

We’re not traveling as much in our fifth wheel anymore so I thought it would be fun to relive some of our most memorable days from previous RV trips.

Some days on a long RV trip are more exciting than others. Even some of the less exciting days  days are memorable because of things we saw as we drove down the road towards our next destination. This day 13 years ago was one of those days. It was a day spent driving through the plains from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada to Williston, North Dakota.

We started the day with delicious homemade cinnamon rolls from the RV park in Saskatoon. This is what I wrote in my journal about the day.

“Driving through Saskatchewan was interesting. There were fields of wheat, barley, and alfalfa as far as the eye could see. Some of the farms had really pretty red barns.

We drove through Moose Jaw. All day there was a really strong headwind and we got terrible gas mileage. We crossed the border into North Dakota and drove to Williston. The last 15 miles or so of road in Canada was gravel.

We had a good dinner in Williston and left early the next morning.”

What I didn’t write was we both wanted to kiss the ground when we crossed the border into the United States and didn’t have to bounce along in the dust on a gravel a road any more!

I only have a few pictures. Here they are.

The view from the truck pretty much all day
Every once in a while we’d see a train
Sometimes there were barns
Welcome to North Dakota

What I remember most about the day was seeing the crops growing on the vast plains as far as the eye could see. Driving through farmland like this always makes me grateful to the hardworking farmers who grow the food that ends up on our tables.

Throwback Thursday #4 – August 22, 2009

Welcome to #4 in my Throwback Thursday series of flashbacks to memorable days from our past RV trips.

Flashback to ten years ago, August 22, 2009. We were camping at Grant River Corps of Engineers park in Potosi, Wisconsin, across the Mississippi River from Iowa.

Potosi, Wisconsin side of the MIssissippi River looking toward Dubuque
Potosi, Wisconsin side of the MIssissippi River looking toward Dubuque, Iowa

After spending the previous day exploring across the Mississippi River in Iowa, we stayed close to our campsite and enjoyed lunch in the outdoor beer garden at the Potosi Brewery in Potosi, Wisconsin (population 711 in 2009). The National Brewery Museum is located at the brewery.

Outdoor beer garden in front of the brewery
Springs at the Potosi Brewery
Natural Spring Water used to brew Potosi Beer
Potosi Brewery
Good Old Potosi Beer

They were having their first annual Brewfest that day which brought lots of people into town.

The town was set up for the The First Annual Brewfest
The town was set up for the The First Annual Brewfest

We enjoyed a Good Old Potosi beer with lunch and bought a Growler to take with us. Sadly, the bottle is long gone and I never even took a picture of it!

Throwback Thursday #3 – August 15, 2007

Welcome to #3 in my series of flashbacks to memorable days from our RV trips.

Flashback to twelve years ago, on August 15, 2007. After a three month RV trip from Georgia to the west coast, we weren’t ready to sit still yet. With 100 degree heat at home, we decided to escape to Mountain Rest, South Carolina to beat the heat. Our campsite was at Oconee State Park in the South Carolina Upcountry about 30 minutes from the Georgia state line in one direction and the North Carolina state line in another direction.

August 15 was our first full day camping at the park. We started the day by wandering around the state park.

Lake in Oconee State Park, SC
Oconee State Park, SC
Water Wheel at Oconee State Park, SC

We took a scenic drive to nearby Issaqueena Falls and the Stumphouse Tunnel.

The falls are named after Issaqueena, an Indian Maiden who fell in love with David Francis, a silversmith who lived in what is now the town of Ninety Six, South Carolina. After she learned that her tribe planned a surprise attack on the settlement, Issaqueena warned the settlers there. Angry at her for warning the settlers, her tribe tracked her down. To escape, she jumped over the falls and hid on a ledge behind the water. The warriors thought she was dead and gave up the search.

Issaqueena Falls
Issaqueena Falls

The Stumphouse Tunnel also has an interesting story.  The railroad wanted to connect Charleston, SC with the midwest so they began building the tunnel in 1852. The tunnel goes about 1600 feet into the mountain but was never finished.

The Stumphouse Tunnell was never finished

At the Walhalla Fish Hatchery we saw thousands of trout of all different sizes.

Walhalla Fish Hatchery, SC
Walhalla Fish Hatchery, SC

We camped at Oconee State Park a few more days and continued to explore the area not only in South Carolina but also in North Carolina and Georgia. We discovered scenic drives, more waterfalls, good restaurants, and mountain trails.

Wandering Dawgs at Issaqueena Falls, SC, August 15, 2007



Throwback Thursday #2 – August 8, 2006

We’re not traveling as much in our fifth wheel anymore so I thought it would be fun to relive some of our most memorable days from previous RV trips.

Flashback to our first RV trip in the summer of 2006. On this day 13 years ago, August 8, 2006, the Wandering Dawgs were enjoying the wonders of Yellowstone National Park, America’s first national park.

That day we watched Old Faithful erupt and drove the Lower Loop Road where we saw Bison herds (American Buffalo), waterfalls, and spectacular scenery. It was one of our most memorable days from all of our RV travels.

Old Faithful
Old Faithful (Wyoming)
Bison in Yellowstone National Park
Bison in Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)
Lower Yellowstone Falls in Yellowstone National Park
Lower Yellowstone Falls in Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming)
Waterfall along Yellowstone Lower Loop Road
View on Lower Loop Road, Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Bison at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
Wandering Dawgs at Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park in 2006

We spent about a week camping outside of Yellowstone National Park and spent most of those days exploring the park.