Lens-Artists #107: Winter

This July “Seasons” will be the theme for the entire month with a different season featured each week.  “Winter” is the last challenge of the series..

In coastal Georgia, a day below freezing is rare and we only get snow or ice every few years. Still, we enjoy sitting by the fireplace when the temperature drops outside.

Quiet moment at the end of a hectic day
Staying warm by the fireplace

Occasionally there are snow flurries but the snow usually melts as soon as it hits the warm ground. The last time the snow stuck and accumulated a few inches was in 2018. Our neighborhood was like a winter wonderland for a few days.

Icy morning
Snow and ice in January
Ice covered salt marsh
Snow covered walkway over the marsh

Ann-Christine, thank you for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Winter

23 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #107: Winter

  1. Beautiful captures. The wine at the fire brings sadness. In South Africa all alcohol sales are banned due to covid19 . This the lof fire in’t being accompanied by a glass of wine or sherry

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  2. Ah – you do get snow sometimes! Beautiful red berries and lovely fireplace! I don’t like the cold either – but rather that than the heat we had 2018…

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    1. I enjoy watching the snow come down and the way it looks when it accumulates. Luckily it usually melts pretty quickly and no shoveling is needed. I wouldn’t enjoy it if it was a common occurrence in our winters!


  3. Isn’t it funny how the very few winter days we get are so very special Beth. Lord knows we don’t want more of them but the few we get are wonderful indeed. Loved your icy berries this week.

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    1. Tina, it really is fun to watch the snow come down and then sit inside by a cozy fire after going outside to walk in it before it melts. I loved seeing those icicles.


  4. After living 20 years in New England, when we decided to move we felt Georgia wasn’t quite south enough to never see snow again unless we were on vacation. 😊

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