My favorite place on Earth

I’ve had many people ask about my favorite place and the answer is always the same.

There is no place else on earth I love more than my little peace of paradise here in coastal Georgia. This is where our children grew up and where Henry and I are growing old together. I have the best friends and neighbors anyone could ask for and there is beauty every where I look.

Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean
Sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean
Full moon rising over the Atlantic Ocean
Sunset in Coastal Georgia
Sunset over the Salt Marsh
Salt Marsh of Coastal Georgia
Salt Marsh of Coastal Georgia

Want to go to an uninhabited barrier island? A boat or kayak will get you there.

Boat ride on one of the many creeks
Uninhabited Georgia Barrier Island
Uninhabited Georgia Barrier Island
We had the island all to ourselves
We often are the only people on one of the uninhabited barrier islands

Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins are a common sight in the waters.

Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin near Tybee Island, Georgia
Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin near Tybee Island, Georgia

Let’s not forget the birds.

Roseate Spoonbill fishing in Georgia tidal creek
Roseate Spoonbill fishing in Georgia tidal creek
Great Egret
Juvenile Ibis
Wood Stork and Egret
Male Painted Bunting
Male Painted Bunting

Whether you cook it at home or eat out at one of the many great restaurants nearby, there’s nothing better than eating fresh caught seafood.

Fresh Georgia Blue Crabs Caught, Cooked, Cleaned and eaten on Halloween, 2015
Fresh Georgia Blue Crabs straight from the creek to the pot.

I love to travel and always enjoy our wanderings. Every trip ends the same way. I know I am almost home when I start smelling the salt marsh and seeing the creeks and marsh as we drive the last few miles.

No matter where you may roam, the best part is coming home – anonymous


39 thoughts on “My favorite place on Earth

  1. The world is a beautiful place, but home is something special. I love your sunset picture over the salt marsh and that elusive Spoonbill. Sunrise is always my favorite time of day when we visit Jekyll Island. I live on the same coast, but there is something magical about seeing a sunrise from Driftwood Beach. Coastal Georgia is so peaceful. No doubt you love it there.

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  2. Your post is full of lovely photos and your narrative shares your love for this place. Awesome photo of the dolphin. And the roseate spoonbill is my favorite bird. Now if you can just eliminate the mosquitoes, gnats, flies, and humidity, I might consider visiting the south again (except for a few days at out son’s in GA). So glad you have this special place:)

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  3. Thanks for reminding us of how lovely your part of the world is! Next week,we’ll remind the Bullhead City Ti rally attendees of you & your great photos.

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  4. We didn’t get to spend much time in Georgia when we passed through – just a couple days in the Savannah area. I know there’s a lot to see and we’re looking forward to a return trip eventually. Your photos certainly make it very appealing! Such a pretty place!

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  5. You are very fortunate to have a home in an area you love. I wish I could find something similar, but until then I’ll continue living the gypsy life. Wonderful photos sharing your home!

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  6. I take pics. You take photographs. Stunning! Come farther south (from Daytona) on the East Coast (visit my barrier Island ) and continue to be dazzled. Just stop before West palm, so many cars! So glad we connected here on WP. My husband has RV envy. We are snowbirds now, via Jet Blue. Toni

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! Before we had the RV we went to the keys a couple of times a year for about 30 years. One of the reasons we quit going to the keys was the horrible traffic on I-95 in south Florida! Which barrier island is yours? Thanks for following my blog!


  7. We were in the southeast George region and the coast from Savannah to Brunswick area; nice rides and observations. I also went to the coastal town of Sunbury and learned of its experience during the Revolutionary War, which I wasn’t aware. The coast was instrumental to the community and is beautiful. I’ll post some on these travels in the future. Excellent photos.

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