Lens-Artists #108: Sanctuary

This week, our guest host Xenia of Tranature has chosen Sanctuary for our challenge. She reminds us that “Sanctuary can be found and created in a garden, a park, a field of wild flowers and by the sea …… watching wildlife, listening to birdsong …… along the forest trails and in the mountains.” She has asked us to show where we find it or how we create our calm and healing.

America’s National Parks and Wildlife Refuges are national treasures and wonderful places to find sanctuary.

Pa-Hay-Otee Overlook in Everglades National Park
Pa-Hay-Otee Overlook in Everglades National Park
Cypress Trees in the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge
Polychrome Overlook, Denali National Park, Alaska
Polychrome Overlook, Denali National Park, Alaska

Closer to home, I can find my sanctuary watching the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean on one of Georgia’s barrier islands (image at the top of the page), walking on the beach, or watching the birds and butterflies in my backyard butterfly garden.

Waiting for Tropical Storm Isaias


Xenia, thank you for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Sanctuary

35 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #108: Sanctuary

  1. A beautiful post Beth – hope Isaias was kind with you as it was with us. Sadly our neighbors to the north had a more difficult visit. Your hummingbird image is exquisite! What an amazing capture.

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    1. Tina, thank you. Yes, it would be wonderful if all the named storms were like Isaias and just brought a little rain and a little wind. I hadn’t used the telephoto lens in a while. So glad I got it out when I saw that hummer going from flower to flower.

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  2. Thank you for this wonderful contribution to the challenge Beth! Your photographs are stunning and I especially love the hummingbird – such a treat to see 🧡

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  3. These photo challenges are easy peasy with your travels, great photographs, ability to find what you are looking for. 🙂 Love them all, but I’m partial to the waves and the hummingbird. 🙂 We lost power for about 9.5 hours but really shouldn’t complain since there are still about 50,000 here in this small state without power yet.

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  4. All your captures are beautiful but that Hummingbird picture is spectacular! Perhaps you could frame it and put it in your home… which is also your sanctuary. 😊
    Have a lovely evening my friend!

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  5. Love your sanctuaries. Okefenokee was our sanctuary in March & April during the mainstay of the pandemic. It is only an hour from the house so we were going up there a couple times a week. Always in search of the Red-cockaded Woodpecker and still have not seen one. It will be a lifer for us. 🙂

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      1. It’s there. It nests there. We just haven’t seen one. We think we have, but couldn’t get the binoculars on it to know for sure. We’ve heard them. I think they were just messing with us! Ha! 🙂

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