Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #204 – Doors

I loved the doors of Ireland and Scotland. These are some of my favorites.

Many thanks to Sylvia Bacon for the challenge Lens’Artists #204 – Doors

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #199 – Mechanical/Industrial

For this challenge, John asks us to feature mechanical and/or industrial images.

The discovery of gold is an important part of Alaska’s history. Several year ago, as we traveled around Alaska, old abandoned dredges and rusty machinery gave us a glimpse of some of the old machines that were once used to mine for gold.

Dredge 8 in Fairbanks is a popular tourist attraction. Other mining equipment is on display and at the end of the tour visitors can pan for gold.

The Pedro Dredge in Chicken shown below is a National Historic Site. The rusty machinery in the header image is on display at the Chicken Post Office. We drove by an active mining operation near there.

Many thanks to John for the challenge Lens’Artists #199: Mechanical/Industrial

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #197 – Rule of Thirds

“This week our challenge is focused on one of the most well-known and widely-used “rules: of photography, the Rule of Thirds.” – quote from Tina, Travels and Trifles

In his book “Photo Basics” photographer Joel Sartore describes the rule like this: “Imagine drawing a tic-tac-toe board over a photograph and adjusting the placement of your subject to be along any of the lines or their intersections.”

In the header image, the two white pelicans are the focal point of the photo. By placing them in the left of the image our eye is drawn to them and as we look to the right we discover a small bird sharing the sandbar with them.

By placing the little Eastern Bluebird on the right side of the image our eyes follow his eyes up to the left.

In the next image our eyes move from left to right from my husband in the bottom left to the glacier and mountains in the distance.

Many thanks to Tina for the challenge Lens’Artists #197: Rule of Thirds