Lens-Artists #93: Morning

This week’s challenge from Ann-Christine is morning.

I’ve always been a morning person and for many years I’ve been the first one up in our house. I start each day by going downstairs to the kitchen to put the kettle on for my morning tea. Next comes quiet time, either in my living room where I can look out the windows, or out in my backyard butterfly garden under the arbor.

Tea in the garden
Nature surrounds me in my garden

After my tea I often go for a walk in the neighborhood.

Morning walk
Beautiful morning for a walk
It’s nice to see some feathered friends in the morning

Some mornings I’ll do some baking.

Homemade buttermilk biscuits for Sunday breakfast

Wishing you a very good morning!

Many thanks to Ann-Christine for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Morning

40 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #93: Morning

    1. Tina, thank you! I am so grateful to live in a place where I can get outside and enjoy the natural beauty as I walk. I’ve always been a morning person but these days it takes a little longer to get going!

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  1. Mornings are the best. I am an early riser too. Your morning surroundings of butterflies, flowers and birds make it so worth getting out of bed for.
    Happy Thursday my friend. It’s always so nice to see your lovely captures. Stay well!

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  2. Looks like you have a beautiful place! Glad to see you enjoying it.
    We have been baking around here as well. Having to make things such as soda bread as there is not any yeast anywhere for miles.

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  3. A beautiful place for sitting with a cuppa and for the walks – water and birds, butterflies (real ones…) and bread baking! Now you got me thinking of making those morning breads again – always did when the children were here. Well, I am less of a mornig person nowadays. You seem to be the perfect morning breeze!

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