Lens Artists Photo Challenge #241 – Spring

Sylvia asks us to show what spring means to us.

To me, spring doesn’t begin on a specific date on the calendar. For me, it is spring in Coastal Georgia when the azaleas and Dogwoods are blooming, when there is new growth in the garden, and when the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations begin in Savannah and Tybee Island.

Spring Azaleas
Spring Dogwood Blooms
Forsyth Park Fountain turned green for St. Patrick’s Day, Savannah

To me, spring also means working in the garden beds and watching birds at the bird feeder.

Male Painted Bunting at the Feeder

Sometimes we like to travel in the spring. The next images show some of my favorite spring blooms from our travels.

Many thanks to for Sylvia for this challenge Lens-Artists Challenge #241 – Spring

22 thoughts on “Lens Artists Photo Challenge #241 – Spring

  1. Spring is when you can be outside again and not be cold. At least, that is what it is for me. Your pictures of the flowers are beautiful! Colorful flowers always look so happy in the Spring!

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