Roses at the Savannah Botanical Gardens

After a great time at the Savannah Scottish Games we stopped at the Savannah Botanical Gardens to see the roses. Owned and operated by the Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs, Inc., it’s always a treat to walk through the gardens. My favorite time to visit is when the roses are blooming.

It was Cinco de Mayo, and the Cinco de Mayo rose was displaying it’s gorgeous blooms.

Cinco de Mayo Rose at Savannah Botanical Gardens

The Neil Diamond rose is my favorite.

Neil Diamond Rose at Savannah Botanical Gardens

Roses of every color were blooming all throughout the gardens.

15 thoughts on “Roses at the Savannah Botanical Gardens

  1. Those who can bring roses to a level of such beauty earn my full respect. They also gladden the day for those of us, as you here, are fortunate enough to take in their extraordinary vibrance and color.

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  2. What an amazing display of gorgeous roses you were able to capture, and your photography is crisp and clear. All around great post for all the gardeners out here. Thank you for sharing because I didn’t know Savannah had a botanical garden. πŸ™‚

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