This week in my Butterfly Garden

I’ve been digging in the dirt a lot lately trying to get my butterfly garden in shape after flooding from Hurricane Irma killed most of the plants last fall.

A few of the new plants are starting to bloom. The zinnias I planted from seed this winter are bursting with color.


The new milkweed plants attracted their first Monarch of the season this week.

First Monarch sighting of 2018

The hummingbirds and Painted Buntings have been stopping by the feeders.

Painted Bunting

This lizard was trying to drink the hummingbird nectar.

Lizard looking for a snack on one of my hummingbird feeders

Happy spring!

23 thoughts on “This week in my Butterfly Garden

  1. Good for you Beth. You and Henry’s lifestyle seems to be perfect! Wish we could see you guys again. I am still working “Full-Time”. As my dad said, “I work more now in Retirement than I did before I retired”.

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      1. Wow! Lucky you! I once had a nectar feeder emptied every night. The culprit was an opossum with a sweet tooth. 🙂


  2. Glad you got a butterfly. I haven’t seen any in my yard and usually the lantana is covered by now. Hope something isn’t going on like what is with the honey bees on Tybee. I’ve been working in my gardens a lot this Spring and realized just how much I miss it. Much rather be outside gardening than in side doing housework.

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    1. Thank you! The buntings are fun to watch. They don’t usually stay around very long. It’s fun watching everything grow and seeing the butterflies and birds. It’s not to much fun keeping up with the weeding!

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          1. Ok. We’ve never really understood cameras! I remember the debate whether to go DSLR. When we bought ours, we said we’d mainly take outdoor scenic pics. If you noticed in our recent post, Dillsburg, I showed how my iPhone 8 pics compare to the P90. We just use the auto settings as we never learned the settings. We really need to take a photography class! I love Mona Lisa’s photos as well as Ingrid’s. Even Pam and John Wright take fab pics!

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