Bird Weekly Challenge #15: Birds with Green Feathers

Painted Buntings and Ruby Throated Hummingbirds are two of my favorite back yard birds. I’ve seen them daily for the last few days and managed to get a few captures of these gorgeous birds.

Female Painted Bunting in Wax Myrtle
Male Ruby Throated Hummingbird

Thank you Lisa. for this Bird Weekly challenge. Her original post is Bird Weekly Challenge #15 – Birds with Green Feathers.

Bird weekly Challenge #8 – Birds at the feeder

Although my backyard bird feeder in coastal Georgia attracts many varieties of birds, my favorites are the Painted Buntings. I keep the feeder filled with their favorite seeds all year round.

Male Painted Bunting
Female Painted Bunting at the feeder

I enjoy watching the Ruby Throated hummingbirds as they dart between the three hummingbird feeders and the flowers in the butterfly garden.

Ruby throated hummingbird at the feeder

Thanks you Lisa. for this challenge at Bird Weekly Challenge #8 – Birds at the Feeder

This week in my Butterfly Garden

I’ve been digging in the dirt a lot lately trying to get my butterfly garden in shape after flooding from Hurricane Irma killed most of the plants last fall.

A few of the new plants are starting to bloom. The zinnias I planted from seed this winter are bursting with color.



The new milkweed plants attracted their first Monarch of the season this week.

First Monarch sighting of 2018

The hummingbirds and Painted Buntings have been stopping by the feeders.

Painted Bunting

This lizard was trying to drink the hummingbird nectar.

Lizard looking for a snack on one of my hummingbird feeders

Happy spring!

Back Yard Painted Buntings

We’ve been watching painted buntings come to our feeder  in the back yard for the last couple of weeks. For several days every time I set up my camera to capture these beautiful birds I scared them away. They are very skittish and fly off when they sense the slightest movement. 

I never gave up trying and my patience finally paid off when I was able to get a few shots of a pair at the feeder.

Pair of Painted Buntings
Pair of Painted Buntings
The male kept on eating after the female flew off.

Male Painted Bunting
Male Painted Bunting
After she left he came around to my side of the feeder so I could get a good look at him. The food must be better on this side!

Male Painted Bunting
Male Painted Bunting