Going Down into Tallulah Gorge

We were warned!

We were warned!

We went anyway.

Going down was the easy part

But only as far as the suspension bridge 80 feet above Hurricane Falls.

Suspension Bridge over Tallulah Gorge Hurricane Falls
Henry crossed to the other side of the gorge

With my fear of heights I could only go a few feet on the bridge. I did manage to see the top of Hurricane Falls.

View of Tallulah Gorge from the suspension bridge
Looking down on Hurricane Falls from the suspension bridge

I handed Henry the camera for some better pictures.

Looking down on Hurricane Falls from the suspension bridge
Looking down on Hurricane Falls from the suspension bridge

I took a picture of the falls from the stairs.

A view of the top of Hurricane Falls from the stairs

And one of Henry looking down from the bridge.

Henry on the suspension bridge above Hurricane Falls

We posed for a selfie before starting back up to the top.

We were smiling before we started back up the stairs to the top
It’s time to go back up the 310 stairs

We made it back to the top after stopping at a few landings and resting on every bench.

I was finally able to capture some fall colors on top of the trail

Younger, braver, and more fit people can cross the bridge to the other side and go down 221 more stairs for a view of Hurricane Falls from the bottom. There is also access to the south rim trail on the other side of the bridge. For us, we are glad we made down and back all in one piece!

16 thoughts on “Going Down into Tallulah Gorge

  1. What a rush! Me too, I have never done well with heights and bridges. That you went a bit on the bridge, good for you. The pictures are excellent, and tell me when you will forget that beautiful day at the bridge, falls and gorge?

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  2. This post just adds to my excitement about visiting this place in May!! While I am not a huge fan of suspension bridges, the views down and the ability to cross will make the jaunt worth it:) Thanks for sharing this neat place.

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  3. Such a fabulous array of beautiful photos ! That bridge looked scary. I am so glad you both got to see it and enjoy it.

    Merry Christmas! May you enjoy the festivities of the season!

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