Our last days in Scotland

The drive from Inverness to our next destination, Aberdeen was not very far.  To get there all we had to do was stay on the same road through about 50 round-a-bouts. The drive took us through several pretty villages and beautiful countryside. We were in desperate need of a laundry so when I spotted a self serve launderette at a gas station we pulled over and washed clothes.

When you run out of clean clothes while traveling in Scotland, you stop at a launderette at a gas station
Somewhere between Inverness and Aberdeen
Yellow fields, Scotland

The beautiful old trees and gardens surrounding the MacDonald Norwood Hall Hotel in Aberdeen made me feel like I was on a country estate. The hotel was once a private home and later converted to a hotel. Although it is supposedly haunted we didn’t see any ghosts. While we enjoyed a delicious dinner in the dining room there was a wedding going on in another part of the hotel.

MacDonald Norwood Hall Hotel, Aberdeen, Scotland
Beautiful gardens in Aberdeen

The next day was another short driving day. Before we left Aberdeen we were talking to the father of the groom from the wedding the night before. He lived near Aberdeen and gave me some insight about my Scottish ancestors who emigrated to America from the area. He also recommended we stop at Donnottar Castle on our way to Fife.

I’m so glad we took his advice. We ventured off the main road to visit the castle which sits on a cliff high above the North Sea. The fog made it really eerie.

Donnottar Castle, Scotland
Donnottar Castle, Scotland
Donnottar Castle, Scotland

It was early afternoon when we arrived at Fernie Castle in Fife, our home for the night. We enjoyed having time to relax and enjoy the castle and the beautiful grounds. The castle was haunted but alas, we never saw a ghost there, either.

There are Highland Cows, a horse and goats on the grounds of Fernie Castle. One of the things on my bucket list for Scotland was to see a Highland Cow up close and personal so I thoroughly enjoyed watching them and taking lots of photos. Hamish was not shy and came over to see what I was doing while the Heather ignored me and kept on eating her grass. I fed Hamish some potatoes and other vegetables but when I tried to pet him he nudged me gently with one of his horns to let me know he didn’t like it.

We said good bye to Hamish, Heather and Fernie Castle and continued on to Edinburgh for our last two nights in Scotland. The city is built on hills with Edinburgh Castle at the end of the Royal Mile on top of one of the hills . The walk to the Royal Mile from our hotel was down steep stone stairs and through an alley. We spent a day and a half wandering along the Royal Mile.

We toured historic St. Giles Cathedral.

St. Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, Scotland

We took a self guided tour of Edinburgh Castle. We joined a small tour group and learned about the history of the castle as our guide led us to some of its most famous spots.

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Guard at Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Looking at the city from Edinburgh Castle

Our timing was perfect. There was a changing of the guard while we were there.


We had one last look at Edinburgh Castle as our taxi took us to the airport.

As we rode in the taxi to the airport we had our last view of Edingburgh Castle

Good bye Scotland! I’ll never forget you!


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  1. Wow – those were some impressive shots you were able to capture since you were so high up. I also liked the animals, the telephone booths, and for sure the laundromat. Now, that is interesting being outside. But, that was quite a crowd waiting outside the castle. Glad you had such a wonderful trip, shared it with us, and are now home safe and sound.

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    1. Thanks Judy. Once we got into the Edinburgh Castle the crowd broke up a little with everyone going in a different direction. Doing the laundry was an adventure!


  2. Beth, I nabbed your photo and sent it to a friend who owns laundromats in California. He will get a kick out of it. You saw so much in three weeks. It makes me want to go back, (this time on our own), for another visit. I remember being enamored with the Highland Cattle as well. That long hair is beautiful. Your fog pictures are wonderful, and that last shot of Edinburgh Castle is one of the best I’ve seen. You did a great job of sorting all those 10000000’s of photos and writing text to go with. Thanks for sharing your trip.

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    1. Thank you so much! I hope your friend enjoys the photo of the laundromat! We liked the freedom of being on our own and going on a few tour buses. We packed a lot into three weeks because who knows if we’ll ever get to go back. If you are talking about the Photo of Edinburgh Castle on the hill that was taken out the taxi window as we drove by! I’m glad you enjoyed the trip posts.


      1. I knew you must be inside a vehicle because that little street was tough to get to and dangerous with all the bus traffic. Believe me, I tried. Amazing how that hail Mary shot through the window always works out! Love it!

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