Meanwhile, Back Home in Georgia

It seems like we’ve been going non stop since we returned from our trip to Ireland and Scotland on May 23. Once I got caught up on laundry and got over the jet lag, I’ve been able to enjoy the summer.

With very little rain while we were on our trip, my garden was suffering when we got home. After a few days of digging in the dirt and a little watering, it is now thriving.

Some days are perfect for a boat ride.

High tide in the Georgia Salt Marsh
Driftwood on a Georgia sandbar

The hummingbirds come by each day and a painted bunting bunting pair and other small birds come by the feeder regularly. Wading birds are frequent visitors in the neighborhood.

Great Egret

Have a great summer!



16 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back Home in Georgia

    1. It was my first trip across the Atlantic in almost 50 years! I’m used to RV travel where you only change time zones one zone at a time instead of all at once. It was worth it, though.

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  1. Perfection all around you my friend!

    Your garden got the love it wanted! It’s beautiful! And the water has to be so inviting!

    We are going to go to Germany and Italy soon… and have my kids coming for an overnight the day after we get back… Hope I can be present for them. I plan on making some of their favorite food before we head to Europe …and freeze it. So all I have to do is pull it out when they come.

    Beautiful post!


  2. One of the downsides of having flower gardens is leaving on trips. Glad your garden did survive. What is the Fiddler Crab? I’ve never heard of them before. It looks like there is a second one in the background. Are they native to your area?

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    1. Yes, the garden always suffers when we go on trips. The fiddler crabs live in the salt marsh. We live on the edge of the marsh and they like to come up in our yard. This is the first time I’ve seen the climbing on the plants.


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