Lens-Artists #126: Subjects that begin with the letter A

The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever

Jacques Cousteau

We’re challenged this week to choose subjects that begin with the letter A. My subject is the Atlantic Ocean.

I was born about 20 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and was a baby in the early 1950’s when my parents first took me to see it. As an adult I have spent many happy days on Atlantic beaches, riding in boats on the Atlantic, swimming or scuba diving in the Atlantic, or just watching and listening to the ocean waves.

Most of my views of the Atlantic Ocean are from the United States, mostly from Georgia and Florida. I’ve been fortunate to also see it from Ireland. No matter where I see it, being near the Atlantic Ocean always soothes my soul.

East Quaddy Light, Maine beside the Atlantic Ocean
Okracoke Island, Outer Banks, North Carolina
Surfer on overcast morning on Tybee Island, Georgia
Exploring a deserted sandbar in the Atlantic Ocean in Georgia
Nanny Goat Beach on Sapelo Island. Georgia
Driftwood Beach, Jekyll Island, Georgia
American Shoals Lighthouse in the turquoise waters of the Atlantic in the Florida Keys
Fish from our scuba diving days in the Florida Keys

Last year we drove many miles along the Wild Atlantic Way on the west coast of Ireland. There were jaw dropping views of the Atlantic Ocean all along the narrow winding roads.

Beach on the Slea Head Drive, Ireland
Cliffs on the Slea Head Drive, Ireland
Cliffs of Moher, west coast of Ireland

Many thanks to Patty for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challeng e #126: Subjects that begin with the Letter A

22 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #126: Subjects that begin with the letter A

  1. Well dawn- your Atalanta ocean theme was well
    Done – from Maine to the Southern Keys ((💕)) and then crossing to Ireland’s coast ? That was a treat
    And the drift wood from the GA photo was cooo with the umbrellas and folks – gave us a feel for the jumbo wood

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      1. Looks beautiful there – and my first “ocean” (because the Great Lakes don’t count) but my first ocean experiences were all west coast pacific in Long Beach (middle school) and up twisted San Jose and then I saw beaches like Daytona on east coast and For a whole I thought that the pacific was the superior ocean!
        However – seeing more of the Atlantic ((like you showed us here with the Maine to the southern keys) well the Atlantic Ocean is wonderful
        And has its own beauty – so it cannot be compared to pacific – different entities – and plus – swimming in the Pacific Ocean sometimes felt like getting into a minor car accident the turf could be so tough

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  2. Beth, you have such great pictures of the Atlantic Ocean. Like you, most of my life has been spent around this Ocean, from Maine to Florida. It has so many moods and it’s always changing. Love your banner shot!

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