Discover Prompt Day 1: Joke

WordPress has brought back the Discover Daily Prompts for the month of April. The prompt for April 1 is Joke.

I believe that we all need a little laughter to help get us through this difficult time. I’m terrible at telling jokes so I thought I’d share a skit from the Carol Burnette Show, an American television variety show that ran from 1967 – 1978.

This made me laugh out loud! I hope you got a laugh out it, too.

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22 thoughts on “Discover Prompt Day 1: Joke

  1. What a hoot. The tp piece was funny by itself, but I kept staring at her outfit that she went to the store in. My how wardrobes have changed. Today, I hardly ever go and not see a couple of people in their pajamas and slippers. Thank you for the chuckle, and never in my dreams did I ever think tp would be a topic of intense conversation.

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