Day 1 – First Day on the Road to Alaska

Leaving Lil Tybee
Hitched up and ready to go!

Our first day on the road started out great. We got everything packed up, hooked up the the RV and were on our way at 9:04 am. Our hopes for an easy, relaxing day were soon squashed.

Shortly after we turned east onto I-20 I tried to call the park where we wanted to spend the night. A guy named Steve answered the phone. No, this wasn’t the number for the park. I Googled the park on my phone and every web site listed the phone number that I had called. Very strange. We decided to go somewhere else.

We were getting ready to pull off the interstate for lunch when Henry saw that one of his sensors indicated there was water in the diesel. Luckily there was a GMC dealer at the exit and they were able to work on it. We unhitched the RV on the side of the road by the dealer and Henry drove the truck into the service department. After about an hour and a half and about $400 dollars we were on our way again.

Our unexpected stop at the dealer caused us to travel through Charlotte, NC right in the middle of rush hour. Most of you know how much we try to avoid going through cities when traffic is bad.

All ended well. We arrived at the KOA in Statesville, NC around 5:00. We were able to relax for a little while before dinner. Blondie is happy – there is a fenced in doggie play area so she can run off leash!

Day 1: 278 miles traveled

5 thoughts on “Day 1 – First Day on the Road to Alaska

  1. Better keep a list of dealerships available…that’s the last problem on the trip! Have fun

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  2. Yikes! Maybe today was just a working-out-the-kinks day. Get it all out of the way in the beginning. The kids are uber excited to see you tonight! As are we 🙂 You are on your great adventure!!!


  3. Hopefully all the glitches are out if the way now and you and Henry will have a marvelous trip!
    I will be eagerly waiting for the next blogs as your trip continues.
    Love to you both,


  4. Yes, better to get the bugs out now than when you will be driving through wildnerness! Hopefully, our bugs are gone before we even get on the road. We will be picking the car up by noon and off we go. Wish us luck. Oh yeah, John and I always avoid big cities at rush hour also. Rush hour through Charlotte, double yucky!! We know that area well and the traffic there is bad all the way through Mooresville. Tell Andera hello.


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