Day 29: More Wildlife and Liard Hotsprings

Day 29: Thursday, June 13, 2013. Liard River Hotsprings Provincial Park

The Liard River Hotsprings are a popular stopping place for travelers on the Alaska Highway. The springs are open 24 hours a day with a huge parking lot. When it fills up travelers can park across the highway in an overflow lot. Many travelers stop for a soak in the springs, get back in their vehicle and continue on their way.

While Henry took care of some maintenance on the truck and trailer, I grabbed my camera and went exploring about 10:00 am. The parking lot was filled with RV’s already. Just a short walk along a boardwalk and you are at the Beta pool. There is also an Alpha pool which has hotter water but it was closed when we were there. There is a viewing platform up some stairs above the Beta pool to see the Hanging Gardens.

After a buffalo burger for lunch at the Liard Hotsprings Hotel across the highway from the park, we took a drive in search of some of the Wood Bison herd that lives in the area.

Another soak in the hot springs was a perfect ending to the day.

4 thoughts on “Day 29: More Wildlife and Liard Hotsprings

  1. What, no pictures of you soaking in the hot springs? 🙂 I loved Liard Springs. They are so beautiful. Why was the upper spring closed? We went in that one too, but I didn’t really like it. It is much deeper and I could not touch bottom.


    1. Sherry, I was so relaxed I forgot to ask someone to take our picture! I don’t know why the other spring was closed but the path looked like it needed repairing.


  2. I am enjoying reading your online journal and seeing the pictures as you travel north. What a fabulous trip!! Makes me want to go there too! Hope you and Henry are having the times of your life!


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