Day 34: Taking the Alaskan Ferry to Haines

Day 34: June 18, 2013. Skagway, Alaska to Haines, Alaska on the ferry Walaspina. Oceanside RV Park, Site 13, Haines. About 335 miles by land, 15 miles and one hour by ferry.

Four new cruise ships arrived in the harbor while we were sleeping. The boardwalks were filled with shoppers from the ships early in the morning. We made a couple of last minute purchases before hitching up the fifth wheel to drive about two blocks to the ferry terminal. Our quiet little row of campers suddenly became busy as about 4 huge motor homes pulled in just as we were getting ready to leave. With cruise ship passengers walking through the parking lot and a train across the road stopping traffic it took us about 30 minutes to go two blocks to get in line for the ferry.

Our rig was measured – 46 feet from the front of the truck to the rear of the fifth wheel – we paid for the tickets, and had a couple of hours before boarding. We had hoped to grab a quick lunch in town but lines were out the doors everywhere so we just fixed lunch and ate at the ferry dock. Our rig was parked right next to Ted and Ruthy, a couple from Michigan and Arizona we met back in Prince George, BC. We saw their rig in Watson Lake and they saw ours in Liard Hotsprings.

When it was time to board the vehicles on the ferry a crew member directed traffic pointing to each vehicle when it was their turn to board. We sat and watched the motor homes and other trailers board until only cars were left. When they started moving quickly to the ferry we knew we would be the last ones on.

Blondie had to stay in the truck while we went up to the passenger decks for our one hour journey through the inside passage to Haines. We stayed outside most of the trip to see the scenery and went inside to the nice comfortable lounge when we started getting cold.

Our campground was just a few minutes drive from the ferry dock. Our friends Ted and Ruthy are just a few sites down from us. An eagle flew by to welcome us and perched on the rocks in the harbor. Our next door neighbors said they saw whales earlier. We knew we were going to like it here.

Every day just keeps getting better and better.