Day 83: Last night in Alaska

Day 83: Tuesday, August 6, 2013. Valdez to Tok, ALaska. Tok RV Village Site 705. 255 miles traveled.

Our last night in Alaska was spent back on the Alaska Highway in Tok, 90 miles from the Canadian border. The drive was beautiful and I am not going to bore you with pictures. As soon as we arrived at the campground we spent about an hour washing the truck and fifth wheel to try to remove a month’s worth of dirt and mud.

Our last meal in Alaska was a feast of Red King Crab legs we bought at a fish market in Valdez and cooked on the stove in our kitchen. Eaten under a tree on our picnic table it was absolutely the best meal we have had on this entire trip.

Alaska by the numbers:

Number of nights on the road                 83
Number of nights in Alaska                 50
Total miles driven so far             9,249
Number of different campgrounds so far                 37
Farthest North location traveled  Coldfoot, Alaska
Farthest West location traveled  Anchor Point, Alaska
Number of pictures taken  thousands!!

7 thoughts on “Day 83: Last night in Alaska

  1. Wait a minute, crab legs in the land from which they come ? I didn’t think it was possible after watching all those episodes of “The Deadliest Catch” and never seeing those guys steam any up ! Y’all rock ! Be careful coming home,


    1. Yes we are going to Hyder but we will probably stay in Stewart. Maybe I should have said the last day for now. When we passed by Haines Junction it was all we could do not to turn!


      1. This is a great time to be there. Salmon will really be running and there should be plenty of bears to view. Sometimes you see a wolf too. Can’t wait for the pictures. Do drive up to Salmon Glacier. It is awe-inspiring!


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