Photography 101 Wrapup

I had a great time participating in the WordPress Photography 101 course. I started off posting a photo a day but got behind the last week of November. 

This is my post for the assignments of Glass, Edge, Double, and Triumph

7 thoughts on “Photography 101 Wrapup

  1. Don’t feel bad, I got sidetracked that last week myself. I pretty much abandoned photography 101 because I don’t think I submitted anything that week. I’ve never been to Alaska, how is it? I guess my biggest question is, is it always cold. From the looks of your attire I’d surmise your answer would be no.


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. Alaska is the most amazing place I have been in my entire life. We were there for almost 2 months in the summer and most of the time were comfortable in jeans and long sleeves and maybe a sweatshirt. It was warm enough in a couple of places for my husband to wear shorts! Put it on your bucket list of places to go!

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