Lens-Artists #101: One Single Flower

This week guest host Cee of Cee’s Photo Challenges has challenged us to show images of one single flower.

This is a fun challenge for me because I spend a lot of time in my butterfly garden and enjoy capturing images of the flowers.

This year the zinnias are growing like crazy. In addition to the seeds I planted there are volunteers coming up all over the place from the seeds spread naturally from last years flowers.



This gardenia is the only bloom from my three gardenia bushes in another flower bed.


Thank you to Cee for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge -One Single Flower

28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #101: One Single Flower

  1. Well, you certainly captured my attention with these beauties. I LOVE the center of a zinnia. A couple of them look like they are sticking their tongue out at you for taking their photo. What a hoot. ๐Ÿ™‚ The gardenia is stunning, and I’m guessing it smells good too. Your one bloom reminds me of this gigantic hydrangea I have, and usually I get one bloom.

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  2. Oh Beth… I am enjoying your Zinnias! I arrived here to late in the spring to plant Zinnias. So seeing yours makes me happy!
    That gardenia has got to be quite fragrant… how wonderful! Even though itโ€™s one bloom… itโ€™s better then none.
    I am off to work in my gardens. Since we arrived here later then usual… I have weeds galore.
    Have a lovely week!

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