Bald Eagles of Alaska

Five years ago we were wandering around Alaska in our RV. As we traveled I was always on the lookout for wildlife and we saw plenty of it.

Along with the many land and sea animals, I enjoyed seeing the birds. The Bald Eagles were my favorite and there were more Bald Eagles than I’ve ever seen anywhere else. We saw them perched in trees, soaring overhead, and even in a nest in front of the Homer Post office.  The most unusual sighting was seeing one fly right beside the truck as we drove along the Homer Spit. I was so busy watching him keep up with us that I didn’t get a chance to take his picture!

He was looking at me
Bald Eagle on Ninilchik Beach
Bald Eagle at Chilcoot Lake State Park, Haines, AK
Bald Eagle at Chilcoot Lake State Park, Haines, AK
Bald Eagle at Chilcoot Lake State Park, Haines, AK
Bald Eagle at Chilcoot Lake State Park, Haines, AK
Bald Eagle in the Lynn Canal between Haines and Juneau
Bald Eagle in tree beside Eldred Rock Lighthouse in the Lynn Canal
Mama and Baby Eagles across from Homer Post Office
Mama and Baby Eagles in Homer
Eagle soaring over bluff at Russian Orthadox Church
Eagle soaring over bluff at Russian Orthadox Church in Ninilchik
Pair of Eagles
We spotted this pair of Bald Eagles as we cruised by on a wildlife and glacier cruise from Valdez

Inspired by Ingrid’s Wandering Wednesday photo prompt – birds

16 thoughts on “Bald Eagles of Alaska

  1. Last summer while hiking at Goldwater Lake here in Prescott, I saw my first bald eagle in nature. As we continued our hike, I lost sight of it until it startled us by flying over our heads. I could hear the wings and was so captivated in the moment that I failed to capture an image. So I can relate to your tale about the eagle flying along side the truck … had to be quite the sight!

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    1. Wow! Those wings must have made a loud sound. They kind of take your hearth away don’t they? Until I saw them up close I didn’t realize how big they really are. In Alaska we started to look in the trees for a big white head.


  2. Great pictures. We were just in Homer the other day, checking on the eaglet. It’s almost 12 weeks old and will be leaving the nest soon. I posted a picture of it on my WanderingRVer FB page. The only other place I’ve ever seen this meany eagles was Nova Scotia.

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    1. Aren’t they wonderful to see? The eaglet we saw would be five years old by now. I wonder if he is still in the area. The nest at the post office had been badly damaged by a storm the year before we were there and the parents had been rebuilding it.

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  3. Great photos! Oddly, we only saw 2 or 3 Bald Eagles when we were in Alaska. One was a rescue that they had in Juneau. I was surprised by how huge these birds actually are. I wish we’d have seen more. They’re so beautiful.

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  4. Absolutely fantastic! Love the lighthouse and eagle in the tree nearby. Also the eagle in the sitka spruce. Beautiful! When we visited Homer we weren’t as lucky with eagle sightings (Richard grew up in Anchorage).

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  5. I will always remember the eagles near the cruise ship pier in Juneau. They were amazing to watch. Thanks for the photos. Unfortunately our attempts at capturing their images were not as successful.

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