Late Summer in the Garden

Most of the flower beds around our house are planted with drought tolerant plants that can survive the summer heat here in coastal Georgia. On the summers we take off on an RV trip I don’t have to worry too much about these established plants back home.

When we are home for the summer, I like to plant a butterfly garden. This year I added new milkweed, a butterfly bush, zinnias, black eyed susans, purple coneflower, and Mexican Sunflower to attract the hummingbirds and butterflies. With all these blooms I enjoy having cut flowers from the garden.

Black Eyed Susans
Cut Flowers from the garden

In addition to my flowers I had a small crop of basil, jalapeño peppers and cherry tomatoes. The peppers are still producing but the tomatoes and basil are gone.

Bounty from my little garden

Earlier in the summer we weren’t getting very many butterflies but lately the Gulf Fritillarys and Swallowtails have been visiting the garden regularly.

Gulf Fritillary on Mexican Sunflower

Inspired by Ingrid’s Wandering Wednesday photo prompt – garden

16 thoughts on “Late Summer in the Garden

  1. Hi Beth. I bet your butterfly garden is beautiful. Planting water and heat tolerant plants sounds like a great idea. Not having to worry about leaving your garden is a joy; just pick up and head out!
    I have a butterfly bush that blooms, but should be in a different location. The Hummers and butterflies enjoy the blooms. I would like to plant more of them.


  2. Those cherry tomatoes look yummy. When I’d visit my folks, I’d help pick tomatoes, but as I’d pick, some of the cherry tomatoes would go straight into my mouth. I like the idea of a butterfly garden and of course being able to enjoy a vase of cut flowers is the best… bring a little beauty indoors 🌻

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    1. This is the first summer I grew cherry tomatoes. They were so sweet I ‘m going to grow more next year! Ingrid, I enjoyed reading about your family’s garden. My parents had a huge vegetable garden and my dad loved giving stuff away to neighbors . I would always come home with a huge basket of veggies after a summer visit.

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    1. I missed my garden when we were traveling during the summer. I mostly planted perennials until this summer. Where I live some things plants that are annuals most places will come back again next year.

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