Snow Day in Coastal Georgia

Snow and ice storms are rare in coastal Georgia. The last time we had snow that stuck was a few days before Christmas in 1989.

The freezing rain and snow that came through on January 3, 2018 caused road and bridge closures. Schools were out and government offices were closed. Coastal Georgia was transformed into a winter wonderland.

28 thoughts on “Snow Day in Coastal Georgia

  1. I read your post and couldn’t believe 1989 was last snow. Mostly because I arrived in Aiken SC to work on a horse farm just before Christmas 1989, from Ontario Canada and I couldn’t believe it was a cold there as it was when I left. I figured you must get that some snow every winter. I remember mornings were cold but by the afternoon it was pleasantly warm.

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      1. yes, I remember it had collected covering the entire lawn and was slippery. we are in the middle of a snow storm right now. there is something special about a good snow storm hunkered down in a warm house with a book looking out the window as it blows

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      2. When Dad was stationed at Warner-Robbins in GA (1971-72) they got 18” snow. I was at college in miserable weather in Kansas City so I just laughed and laughed! At least their ordeal was over in 24 hours.

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  2. I live in northeast Georgia. We had no snow here. I think the last snow storm of any consequence was the storm that crippled Atlanta, I think in 2014. I am about two hours from Atlanta, but the ground was still covered here. Still, it has been quite cold here.

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