Mosley’s Wiregrass Junction

When was the last time you were driving down the interstate in the state of Georgia and saw a camel or a buffalo?

The first time we saw a buffalo from the interstate as we were traveling east on I-16 towards home we knew we were going to have to stop. Ever since then Moseley’s Wiregrass Junction has become a favorite stopping place when we are traveling along that route.

Usually we just watch the animals from the parking lot but the last time we were there we opted to pay the $2 per person fee to see them up close. We also bought a bag of animal food before going through the gate to see animals.

Mosley’s Wiregrass Junction just off I-16 at exit 98
Camel at the Animal Exit
Emu at the Animal Exit
Black Swan
Peacock Feathers
The goats weren’t shy
Feed Me!
Goats waiting for a handout

Next time we may opt for an additional $8 to take a tour of the farm where their zebra, buffalo, cows, pigs and other animals live.

Mosley’s Wiregrass Junction Animal Exit Farm is located on Georgia Interstate 16 at exit 98 in Aline.

You can connect with them on their Facebook page at



20 thoughts on “Mosley’s Wiregrass Junction

  1. I always find goats entertaining. Such characters! The name of your post really caught my eye this morning. Hubby and I have been watching ‘Downton Abby’ and there’s a character named ‘Mosley’ and then while in Page AZ there’s a hiked called ‘Wiregrass’. With this in mind, I find the name of your post funny ๐Ÿ˜Š

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    1. I remember Mosley from Downton Abby! Loved that show! The attraction is on the Wiregrass Trail. Never knew there was a Wiregrass hike in Arizona. The goats came running toward us even before they knew we had food. They wee too funny,


      1. Yeah, there’s a Wiregrass Canyon Trail in southern Utah (just across the border from AZ) which we didn’t get a chance to hike during our Lake Powell stay, but our friends did. I have to save some hikes for our next visit ๐Ÿ˜‰

        We’re on season 5 of Downton Abby …. kind of doing a binge every evening – fun entertainment.

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  2. Oh how fun! Great pictures of animals that are not shy. A great place to visit!

    Here in Pennsylvania (summer home) there is a buffalo farm about 2 miles away. In November we saw them in snow covered fields. That was awesome!
    We need to return now in the spring.

    Great photos my friend!

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