Favorite Alaska and Canada Wildlife Photos

Five years ago this week we were on the road to Alaska from Georgia. Once we crossed the border into Canada, I spent every day looking for wildlife. There were many “WOW” wildlife sightings in both Canada and Alaska.

I’ve been thinking about posting some of my favorite wildlife photos from the trip and today I finally got the boost I needed to put it all together. When my friend Ingrid at Live, Laugh RV posted that the theme for her very first Wednesday photo inspiration was wildlife, I immediately started going though the thousands of photos from the trip.

If you would like to participate or see other posts inspired by Ingrid, click on over to Ingrid’s post Wandering Wednesday.

Here are just a few of my favorite wildlife photos from our Canada and Alaska adventure.

Elk in loop 63
Elk near our campsite in Jasper National Park, Alberta
Bear in British Columbia
Soon after entering British Columbia we were in Mount Robson Park and saw this grizzly beside the road
Black Bear eating Dandelions
Bear in British Columbia
A small herd with calves
Bison herd with calves near Liard River Hotsprings in British Columbia
Moose in Denali National Park, Alaska
Black Bear Cub
Black Bear Cub in Valdez, Alaska
Stellar Sea Lions on day trip to Juneau
Stellar Sea Lions on wildlife cruise from Haines to Juneau, Alaska
Whale Tail
Humpback Whale on wildlife cruise from Haines to Juneau, Alaska
Two Sea Otters Valdez
Sea Otters on Columbia Glacier cruise from Valdez, Alaska
Pod of Orcas with calf
Pod of Orcas with calf on Columbia Glacier cruise from Valdez, Alaska
He was looking at me
Eagle at Deep Creek Beach, Alaska
Pair of Eagles
Pair of Eagles on Columbia Glacier Cruise from Valdez, Alaska
Puffins on the Columbia Glacier Cruise from Valdez, Alaska




43 thoughts on “Favorite Alaska and Canada Wildlife Photos

  1. Fantastic collection of wildlife. I think my favorite is the bear in the field of yellow wildflowers, but then again …. very nicely done! Next week is “water”.

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  2. I love any kind of wildlife photos. I think all the wildlife is one my favorite reasons for loving the west. My favorite photo is the Sea Otter one. Otters are absolutely the cutest!!!

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    1. Thanks Pam. I spotted that bear as we were towing our 35 foot trailer on a narrow two lane road with no shoulder. The bear was on my side of the road and there were no other cars in sight. Henry stopped and backed up so I could get some good shots. The bear was too close for me to get out of the truck so I just rolled the window down and started shooting.

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  3. I would be so freaked out to see a Bear that close. Tell me you shot that from the safety of your RV, with a very long lens. Amazing photos. Makes me want to see Alaska.

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    1. Thanks Suzanne! I took the photos of the bear in the flowers from inside our truck with my window rolled down and a big lens. I had to get out of the truck and walk a short way to capture the grizzly. I must have had the zoom lens for him, too but I don’t remember. Neither of them seemed too concerned about me.


  4. Very cool. We saw our first bear yesterday, but it was from a helicopter. Hoping to see more now that the salmon have started. Loved seeing all the wood bison in BC. Did you stop at Liard Springs? It was awsome!

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    1. When we were traveling through Canada and Alaska we saw quite a few bears as we were driving down the road. Most of the time we couldn’t stop. I was always on the lookout for bear and moose. We saw a few moose either crossing a road or just standing in the middle of the road. I hope you have some sightings!

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  5. I had to laugh at myself as I was taking in all these photos. I’d think to myself that is the best one yet, then I’d move to the next one and change my mind, and so on all the way to the end. These are great photos. The bear would scare me to death, but those puffins just make me smile they are so cute.

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  6. Wow! You have seen some incredible wildlife! The bear! The whales!

    Looking forward to your water theme this week! I put one together! It was so much fun to be motivated by Ingrid!

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