Athens, Georgia – The Classic City

Nearly 50 years ago I first stepped foot on the University of Georgia campus in Athens, Georgia as a freshman. Through the years I have returned to Athens too many times to count. I have so many wonderful memories of Athens – walking through campus on my way to class, meeting my husband and getting married in Athens, eight years in a row as parents of UGA students, and many Georgia Bulldogs home football games.

We recently enjoyed wandering around Athens and the University campus on a beautiful late fall afternoon.

We stopped to see two interesting sights unique to Athens.  A double barrelled cannon, the only one known of its kind, stands in front of City Hall. The Tree that Owns Itself  grows in the middle of a quiet neighborhood.

Athens has always been famous for it’s music scene. Bands like the B-52’s, R.E.M., Drive By Truckers, Pylon, Love Tractor and many others performed at the 40 Watt club in their early days. Widespread Panic played at Fraternity houses back in the early 1990’s. When the Georgia Theatre, a beautiful historic concert hall, burned in 2009 it was restored and reopened in 2011. Wuxtry Records, opened in 1976, is still selling vinyl records.

The University of Georgia is the birthplace of higher public education in America. Established on January 27, 1785, the University of Georgia is the nation’s oldest land grant university. North Campus is right across the street from downtown Athens.

Down the hill a short way from north campus is Sanford Stadium, home of the Georgia Bulldogs. We’ve seen several expansions to the stadium over the years and have spent many Saturday afternoons and nights in the stands cheering on the Dawgs.

Greek life is a big part of student life at the University of Georgia. As we drove along Milledge Avenue we passed by many of the beautiful fraternity and sorority houses. The Theta Chi house is my favorite. I’m a little biased because it’s Henry’s fraternity.

Theta Chi Fraternity

Through the years many restaurants have come and gone. These are three memorable places to eat in Athens.

A lot has changed in Athens over the years but a visit there will always bring back good memories for me.

15 thoughts on “Athens, Georgia – The Classic City

  1. I love it! I never knew how historic Athens was. I was born in Athens in 1960 and lived there the first 6 years of my life. We moved to PA but continued to visit friends there as I grew up. I still stop by the Varsity and get a hot dog when I pass through Georgia!

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  2. I’ve never been to Athens, Georgia, but I could feel your pride in the city in every word of this post. It must provide you much satisfaction and wonderful memories to revisit. It is truly beautiful. I’ve rightly so never seen a double barreled cannon so thank you for sharing, and I LOVE the tree that owns itself. 🙂

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  3. Beautiful campus. Returning to our Alma Mater brings back fabulous memories!

    I really enjoyed hearing about the history as well.

    Love your pride for your School.

    I was rooting for a Georgia yesterday!!!

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        1. That cannon is interesting. It was designed to be used with two cannonballs connected by a chain. When they tested it the balls didn’t come out at the exact same time and the chain broke. Without a workable firing device wouldn’t work so it was never used.

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  4. Seems like yesterday when we were there. Only thing is you left out Allen’s as a “Restaurant” We went there several years ago, and it wasn’t in the same location, not the same “ambiance” as before……

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    1. We were at the original Allen’s a few years ago just before they closed. Didn’t even know it was in a new location now. Lots of good memories at Allen’s. Thanks for reminding me.


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