Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #142 – You Pick It

Ann-Christine’s choice for the challenge this week is “You Pick It”. My topic is Spring has Sprung!

I’m not a cold weather person and winter just lasts too long for me. All winter I look forward to seeing the colorful blooms of azaleas and Dogwoods signalling the beginning of spring. Usually by St. Patrick’s Day the azaleas are in full bloom and the vibrant pink blossoms are on display all over town. They were a little late this year but to me they seemed more beautiful than ever.

Spring Azaleas, to
Azalea blooms

The blooms on Flowering Dogwoods are another sight I welcome each spring.

Dogwood Blooms
Dogwood Blossom

I also welcome the signs of spring in the animal world. Egrets, Wood Storks and other long legged wading birds like to build their nest in the spring and a great place to see them nesting is in the trees at Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge. Alligators are coming out of their hibernation in the spring and if you are lucky you may even spy some baby alligators at the refuge.

Nesting Birds
Nesting Wood Storks
Baby Alligators

Happy Spring Everyone!

Many thanks to Ann-Christine for this weeks Lens-Artists Challenge #142: You Pick It

32 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #142 – You Pick It

  1. Thank you for sending some colour and flowers our way, Beth! Even the alligators look nice… Here we have April weather, as we call it: sun, rain, snow, hail, sun, rain, snow…all at the same time. But spring will arrive here as well!

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  2. I’m with you all the way Beth! The azaleas are so beautiful this year – it seems to me they’re even more so than usual but maybe the pandemic just makes me think so. I’m headed over to Middleton Plantation tomorrow and can’t wait to see how beautiful it is now that spring is here. Amazing how it brightens our mood! Loved your images, especially the baby gators – they’re so cute – but not for long!!!

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    1. Tina, I’ve driven around Savannsh and there seem to be more blooms than ever. I’d like to try to get to Bonaventure cemetery before they fade. Those baby gators are cute but I kept my distance in case mama was nearby..


  3. Oh the Azaleas and the Dogwoods! I am hoping to see mine when we get back to the Lakehouse.
    I loved seeing all your signs of Spring in your neck of the woods.
    Hope your Easter was fabulous!
    Happy Week to you!

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  4. Love your photos of the azaleas. We are headed north toward Savanah this weekend, but don’t know if there will be any blooms remaining. Harris Neck National Wildlife Refuge looks like a good place to visit for some pictures.

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    1. The azaleas are beginning to fade but hopefully the Dogwoods will still have their blooms. Harris Neck is a beautiful place if you like nature and birds. There’s an interesting history about it, too. On the way to the refuge you will see the Smallest Church in America. It’s worth a stop.


      1. I even bicycled it one year as part of my 10,000 mile solo journey around North America. Definitely worth a visit! The lack of commercial traffic makes it even more enjoyable, Ruth. –Curt

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