Caribbean Islands Adventure 2022 – Part 5: Barbados

January 17 – 18, 2022

It was an dreary, overcast morning when our ship docked in Bridgetown, Barbados for a two night stay.

Our excursion the first day was a photo adventure guided by producer/director and award winning photographer Ronnie Carrington. His photography tips and interesting commentary about Barbados history and culture made for a wonderful experience.

As we passed through several villages we learned about the history of the island. He told us the history of Chattel Houses in Barbados and stopped the bus so we could take photos up close. These houses were small wooden buildings set on blocks so that they could be easily moved from one location to another. The homeowners did not own the land so if they changed jobs and moved, they took their house with them.

Chattel house, Barbados

Our tour continued through villages with colorful homes to the Scotland district on the Atlantic coast. We stopped for a look at the Atlantic Ocean where the only thing between us and Africa was the ocean and clean, fresh air.

Scotland District, Barbados
Nothing between us and Africa except the Atlantic Ocean and good, clean air
Wandering Dawgs in Barbados

Our journey continued when we stopped at a park on one of the Atlantic Beaches. I don’t remember the name.

Beach on the Atlantic Ocean in Barbados

Bathsheba Beach is lined with huge coral rocks. The header image at the top of the page and the next one were taken there.

Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

As we traveled to our next destination there were Barbados Green Monkeys beside the road and this one looked like he was posing for me.

Barbados Green Monkey

The best rum punch of the entire trip was at the Atlantis Hotel in the fishing village of Tent Bay.

We had heard that Barbados is THE place try a flying fish sandwich so when Henry asked Ronnie if it would be possible to get a flying fish sandwich he answered “you can’t leave Barbados without eating one.” He pulled out his cell phone to call ahead to order one from this little beach restaurant. He went inside and brought back this delicious Barbados treat. We enjoyed every bite! Ronnie wanted everyone to taste a fresh Barbados banana so he bought a bag of bananas at a fruit stand and passed them around the bus. So delicious!

Ronnie has published a book of his photography and poems. I bought an autographed copy.

Back on board the ship we watched another glorious sunset before enjoying another fabulous dinner.

Sunset in Barbados

The next day Henry went for a ride in the Atlantis submarine. I’m claustrophobic and opted out of the tour but I enjoyed hanging around the marina until the tour returned to the dock. While I was watching the boats going in and out at the marina Henry was watching schools of small fish through the submarine windows.

This boat took the passengers to the Atlantis Submarine
This is the kind of submarine used in the tour, Barbados

Our two days in Barbados were filled with adventure. Where will we be next?

13 thoughts on “Caribbean Islands Adventure 2022 – Part 5: Barbados

  1. How wonderful that your cruise had you there 2 days! I was there on a cruise but only for a day – or part of a day. Adventures like your tour with Ronnie Carrington and learning about the Chattel houses are things that make a trip so enjoyable and memorable. I wonder what it took to move those houses. The scenery is gorgeous. I wonder what the bananas tasted like – how they were different than the bananas we eat at home. Perhaps more flavorful? Sweeter? When I came home and look at where Barbados was on the map, I could not believe how far south I had gone! Looking forward to your next post – I’ll be patient, of course!

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    1. Thanks Betty. The Chattel houses could be taken apart and put back together in their new location. Fascinating. The bananas were sweeter and more flavorful. They had probably been picked that morning. Ronnie was a very knowledgeable guide with many personal stories. He loves his country and is very proud of it. His tour has been voted best tour on Barbados more than once. Even if you don’t care about photography it would be a wonderful experience.

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  2. Oh this has been fun! I feel like I am right there with you both on this cruise.
    The little houses that could be picked up and moved were too darn cute. I would have loved the fish sandwich and the bananas. Not sure of the submarine ride as well…
    Nice post Beth! I can’t wait for the next.

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    1. Nancy, I took one look at the size of the sub and knew I couldn’t do it. Henry loved it, though. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed watching the boats at the marina. You will love what we did the next day.

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  3. Beth, I am enjoying your travels. My brother just got back from a cruise to Barbados and loved it. Did your husband get any photos from the sub? I would have enjoyed doing that, but Malcolm would have hung out with you at the Marina.

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