Throwback Thursday #4 – August 22, 2009

Welcome to #4 in my Throwback Thursday series of flashbacks to memorable days from our past RV trips.

Flashback to ten years ago, August 22, 2009. We were camping at Grant River Corps of Engineers park in Potosi, Wisconsin, across the Mississippi River from Iowa.

Potosi, Wisconsin side of the MIssissippi River looking toward Dubuque
Potosi, Wisconsin side of the MIssissippi River looking toward Dubuque, Iowa

After spending the previous day exploring across the Mississippi River in Iowa, we stayed close to our campsite and enjoyed lunch in the outdoor beer garden at the Potosi Brewery in Potosi, Wisconsin (population 711 in 2009). The National Brewery Museum is located at the brewery.

Outdoor beer garden in front of the brewery
Springs at the Potosi Brewery
Natural Spring Water used to brew Potosi Beer
Potosi Brewery
Good Old Potosi Beer

They were having their first annual Brewfest that day which brought lots of people into town.

The town was set up for the The First Annual Brewfest
The town was set up for the The First Annual Brewfest

We enjoyed a Good Old Potosi beer with lunch and bought a Growler to take with us. Sadly, the bottle is long gone and I never even took a picture of it!

Day 13: Sightseeing and Shopping in Wyoming

Day 13: May 28, 2013.  Peter D’s RV Park, Sheridan, Wyoming

We took care of a few housekeeping things before going sightseeing in downtown Sheridan. Henry climbed up on the roof of the RV to check on the hail damage. There was a hole in the living room vent cover which he patched with duct tape. You can fix anything with either duct tape or WD40, right?

Once that chore was completed we hit Main Street in Sheridan for a little shopping. We browsed a few shops with everything from shoes to western wear. One shop displayed spurs, cowboy hats, saddles, and cowboy boots of every color and style.

A stop at Safeway for a few supplies and we were back at the campground. Later in the day we returned to town to do a little sightseeing at the historic Sheridan Inn. The Inn is now closed so we could only explore outside and peek in the windows. Buffalo Bill Cody made the inn his home whenever he was in Sheridan and was part owner from 1894 to 1902. The inn is located across the street from the train station.

We enjoyed a locally brewed amber ale from the Blacktooth Brewing Company with our dinner of baby back ribs at the Wyoming Rib and Chop House.