Spring Road Trip

Our first stop on our spring road trip was in Appling, Georgia at one of the Corps of Engineers Campgrounds on the shore of J Strom Thurmond Lake. For three nights we enjoyed the peace and tranquility of our lake front campsite.

When it is springtime in Georgia the Wild Dogwoods and Carolina Jasmine add splashes of white and yellow throughout the woods.

We took a short drive to Harlem, Georgia to visit the birthplace of Oliver Hardy. He was born there in 1892 and moved to Milledgeville, Georgia with his mother after his father died. He attended the Military College of Georgia there and the University of Georgia for a short time. There are images of him all through town and in October the whole town celebrates with a Laurel and Hardy Festival.

On Saturday we took a drive to Modoc, South Carolina to meet with friends Bill and Carol who are work campers there. We had a great time catching up with them and making some new RV friends.

7 thoughts on “Spring Road Trip

  1. Thinking of you this week – we’re in the 10th annual West Coast Titanium rally in Paso Robles, Calif. It’s going to be 84 & sunny today, with lots of smiles all around!


  2. Looks like a very serene place to spend some time. I love the dogwood trees and now I know what that yellow flower is. 🙂


  3. Your dogwood blooms pictures are great. Everything is blooming around here. It is so pretty. I’m glad we got home in time to enjoy the spring colors. Have a safe trip.


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