Unusual Roadside Attractions

Sometimes we stop to see unusual roadside attractions as we wander around America.

We had to take a tour of the Hammer Museum
Hammer Museum in Haines, Alaska
Bigfoot on the road to Pikes Peak in Colorado
The Bat Tower, Sugarloaf Key
The Bat Tower, Sugarloaf Key, Florida
Smallest Church in America in Ochopee, Florida
Smallest Post Office in America in Ochopee, Florida
Smallest Church in America
Smallest Church in America, Townsend, Georgia
The Iron Horse on Highway 15 in Green County, Georgia
The Iron Horse on Highway 15 in Green County, Georgia
Green Giant Statue in Blue Earth, MN
Green Giant Statue in Blue Earth, MN
South of the Border, South Carolina
Wall Drug Store in Wall, South Dakota
The Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota
We visited Superman in Metropolis, Illinois
Superman Statue in Metropolis, Illinois
Cadillac Ranch near Amarillo, Texas
Big Blue Crab in Rockport, Texas
John Henry Statue, Talcott, West Virginia

What kind of unusual attractions have you seen in your travels?

21 thoughts on “Unusual Roadside Attractions

    1. Irene, a sign at the church says “Christ’s Chapel in Memory Park, visitors welcome, non denominational, built in 1949 by Mrs. Agnes Harper and dedicated to Jesus Christ”.
      Vandals burned it in 2015 and volunteers raised money to rebuild it.

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  1. These were great! I think there is a travel book that lists all these and more. So far, I can’t recall anything really unusual in our travels….we need to try to find any in our paths!

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  2. This is a really fun collection! I think of the giant copper-painted copper miner in downtown Bisbee. He’s quite the sight, and perfect for the quirky town. :-))

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    1. Judy, I got the wanderlust from my father. When we were on family trips he would always pull off the road to see things. Henry and I have missed a few places because there was no place to park with our fifth wheel.

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  3. Thanks Ingrid. There’s a few more that I don’t have pictures of and quite a few we missed because of lack of parking for our fifth wheel. Always fun to stop and check them out when we can.


    1. Thanks for the comment. When I was a kid on a family vacation my father would often stop to look at things like this. It makes a trip more fun to go a little out of the way to see something unusual.

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