Three Weeks in Ireland and Scotland

Three days after returning home from a three week trip to Ireland and Scotland I’m still a little jet lagged, haven’t finished unpacking, and just started going through the 3,000 photos I took.

Ireland has always been at the top of our bucket list. Henry and I both have Irish ancestors and I have ancestors from Scotland so we planned our trip to see both countries.

I loved everything – the people, the jaw dropping scenery, the green fields and mountains, the sheep and cows, the castles, the churches and cathedrals, everything! And yes, Ireland really is that green! Here are a few photos from our first days in Ireland.

We traveled by planes, trains, automobiles, a ferry, and even a horse drawn jaunting car. We rented a car to get around and took a few bus tours along the way. We walked along spectacular cliffs, drove on narrow winding roads, stopped at castles and even did laundry at a gas station in a Scottish village. We watched a sheep dog demonstration, petted some sheep, and fed a Highland Cow. We stayed in hotels in city centers, bed and breakfasts away from town, and a castle. We sampled local beers and whiskeys in the pubs. For three weeks we ate a huge full breakfast every day and dined on delicious seafood and beef dishes at night.

A few photos from Scotland.

More to follow…





24 thoughts on “Three Weeks in Ireland and Scotland

  1. Thank You Both For Sharing Your Trip with Us ! Lynn And I spent 15 days In Scotland and Northern England after Her Retirement in 2008 , Wonderful Trip 😎🌴👍🏻💕

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  2. Beth, Malcolm and I got a little taste of Ireland and Scotland a few years ago while on a British Isles cruise. It was just enough to convince us that we must return. To have three full weeks in this beautiful place must have been amazing. I was following your Instagram feed, so I knew you were there and the little snippets of information were good, but I can’t wain to hear the whole story. Welcome home.

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  3. I’m sitting here reading and enjoying your photos with a big smile on my face. We took a tour to Ireland for eleven days, and enjoyed every single minute of it. Scotland is still on the list. We loved Ireland, and the photos you chose are perfect. The sheep made me think of those we saw that had a painted stripe on their backs so they could tell who belonged to who. I also brought home a large tea towel with the sheep depicted in colors, and I cut it up and made a wall hanging. It makes me smile every time I look at it. Great post!

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    1. Judy, thank you! I remembered you had been to Ireland and re-read your Ireland posts after we got back. You summed everything up beautifully. I’m have trouble deciding what else I want to post. Still going through photos and haven’t even gotten to Scotland yet! I highly recommend a trip to Scotland.


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