Two Irish Cities

Like many other travelers to Ireland, our introduction to the country began in Dublin. As we approached the city center on our ride from the airport to the hotel there were pedestrians everywhere and they were not afraid to step out in front of traffic. Our driver told us “In Dublin, jaywalking is a hobby.”

After a good night’s sleep and a full Irish breakfast we were ready to to explore Dublin. Our first stop was Trinity College to see the Book of Kells and the Long Room of the Old Library.

Book of Kells, Trinity College, Dublin

The Book of Kells is a beautifully handwritten and elaborately decorated book of the four Gospels. The work was done by monks and it is estimated to have been done around the year 800. There are interesting displays describing  how it was made and samples of the many illustrations. The book itself is kept under glass in a special room with no photography allowed.

Decorated words from the Book of Kells, Trinity College, Dublin

Upstairs from the Book of Kells is the most beautiful library I’ve ever seen.  I could have spent all day in the Long Room of the Old Library surrounded by all the old books.

I heard one story that there was a scene in one of the Star Wars movies inspired by this room. I also heard it was the inspiration for the library in Harry Potter.

Long Room of Old Library at Trinity College, Dublin

As we strolled through the Trinity College campus we stopped to listen to singers perform. Our wandering continued to the River Liffey where we walked across the Ha’Penny Bridge and back before strolling through the Temple Bar District. Later we toured the Guinness Brewery and enjoyed a pint at their Gravity Bar.

Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and Ireland’s largest city. We enjoyed our time there but were anxious to see other parts of Ireland.

After picking up our rental car on the outskirts of town we got lost (the first of several times) before finding the right road to Galway, our home for the next 3 nights. Galway is bigger than I thought it would be but much smaller than Dublin. Our hotel in Galway was located on Eyre Square in the center of town within walking distance of Quay Street and the Latin Quarter. There were many shops, pubs, restaurants, a waterfront, and the Spanish Arch to explore.

Next up, scenic drives along Ireland’s Atlantic Coast.

13 thoughts on “Two Irish Cities

  1. Dublin is a big city with so much to see. We can’t wait to return and explore. I remember a scene from Game of Thrones that I would swear was shot in the Trinity library. Although, I can completely see it as the inspiration for the Harry Potter library also. Looking forward to more of your adventure.

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    1. Suzanne, I’ve never seen Game of a Thrones but later in our trip we went by some of the filming locations. We enjoyed Dublin but of course didn’t get to see everything.


  2. We loved our time in Ireland, but we took advantage of a tour rather than drive ourselves. But, it doesn’t matter as long as you get to see Ireland, right? We visited the Guinness Gravity Bar, and that was the one and only place we wouldn’t revisit. Too crowded and too commercial, but the beer was good. 🙂

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    1. I meant to say any way you see Ireland is good! We did a few day tours and really enjoyed them. Henry enjoyed not having to drive and we enjoyed hearing the stories from the guides. Yes, the Gravity Bar was crowded but we met some really nice people and had fun.

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