Lens-Artists #72: Waiting

This week, Amy has challenged us to explore waiting. It seems I spend a lot of my life waiting. Even when traveling or doing something fun we can’t get away from having to wait.

Whenever we attend a football game, waiting in line to go through security and have our ticket scanned is a normal thing. The photo above was taken after we got through the line and had entered the stadium for a Georgia/Florida football game in Jacksonville, Florida.

Theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios have come up with great ways to keep the crowds entertained while they wait.

At Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, we saw a show while waiting for the gates to open
I wish all train stations were as much fun as the one at Universal Studios Orlando where we boarded the Hogwarts Express

When traveling, waiting to get in a major attraction is part of the experience.

Waiting to enter Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

There have been many times in our RV travels where we have waited in line to board a ferry or travel through a tunnel.

Waiting in line to pull our RV onto the ferry to cross the Yukon River in Dawson City, Yukon
Waiting to pull our camper onto the Alaska Ferry in Skagway, Alaska
Waiting our turn to go through the Zion Tunnel in Utah

Many thanks to Amy for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Waiting


19 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #72: Waiting

  1. Waiting is something I sometimes have a hard time doing. LOL!
    But… many of your “waiting” captures look like fun!
    Once again… you found perfect shots to rise to the challenge!

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  2. Ah yes, waiting in line is just part of life. Universal Studios is on my our radar for another mother/daughter get away. She is a huge Harry Potter fan and I’ve watched all the movies with her (twice). Some things in life are just worth standing and waiting in line to experience… Zion NP being one.


      1. I’ve never visited a “Universal Park”, yet I’m pretty sure the one in CA should have some Harry Potter attractions. I’m sure my daughter has already checked into that šŸ˜„ Hmm, perhaps a future trip!

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  3. So true, waiting is part of our travels. Your photos also tells part of RV waiting, which I wonder sometimes. šŸ™‚ Great photos and collection. Thank you for joining in!

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