Camellias make me happy

I fell in love with Camellias last year when I saw them blooming during my Adventure in Bonaventure.

I have an old Camellia in my yard that my next door neighbor passed on to me many years ago. I didn’t know what I was doing and just stuck it in the ground and hoped for the best. For years I would only get a few flowers each year. A few years ago it was covered with the white blooms in January and February. Seeing those blooms always make me smile.

When the Camellia is blooming I like to have flowers all around the house.

I enjoy those winter blooms so much that I decided to plant some more Camellias. Last Friday I drove across town to visit a nursery that specializes in Camellias. I spent about an hour with the owner as he told me everything I needed to know about how to plant and care for them. He helped me select three bushes that should do well in my yard – a pink High Fragrance, a gorgeous white Sea Foam, and a red and white variegated Bobbie Fain.

It took me two days to decide exactly where I wanted to put them. Sunday afternoon before the Super Bowl I dug three holes and followed the instructions on how to plant my new plants. There are buds on each of them.

It was a lot of work digging those three holes but it was worth it! Seeing the plants in their new home makes me happy.

This post was inspired by the Weekly Smile over at Trent’s World. What made you smile this week?

12 thoughts on “Camellias make me happy

  1. Beth, I love Camellias but can’t grown them in South Florida.Other people here are successful, but in my yard they get a black fungus that always ends up destroying the plant. I love the way you display them and the lamp with the sea shell vase is just gorgeous.

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  2. They are one of the perks of being in SC for the winter. Brookgreen has too many to count, and I enjoy every one of them. I can’t grow them at home, so I will enjoy the ones here and the ones that I just know will flourish in your yard. Looking forward to more photos. 🙂

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