Bird Weekly Challenge #30: Birds that begin with the letter “C”

C is for Cormorant, Cardinal, Canada Geese, Carolina Chickadee, American Coot, Whooping Crane and Sandhill Crane.

Northern Cardinal in winter
Canada Geese
Carolina Chickadee
American Coot
Whooping Crane and Sandhill Cranes

Thank you Lisa. for this Bird Weekly Challenge: Birds that begin with the letter “C”

14 thoughts on “Bird Weekly Challenge #30: Birds that begin with the letter “C”

      1. I occasionally reuse a photo but not often. I’m out birding all the time so I should have new pics of species unless it is a rare or rare-ish bird then I may repeat. Or if I’m just lazy like a couple weeks ago with my Great Blue Heron. I love seeing the new pics, but as you know, I’m pretty lenient with rules. It’s more about enjoying the process and creativity and the love of birds. 🙂

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  1. I always enjoy cormorants drying their wings, Beth.And western chickadees are scarfing down the sunflower seeds we put out as fast as they can go— one seed at a time. They will grab a seed, fly up into the tree, break it open and then return for another. Our bird feeder is like Grand Central Station with all of the different birds flitting in and out! –Curt

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