Memories of Alaska Glaciers

When I saw Terri’s Monthly Color Photo Challenge was for the color Glacier Blue, I took the challenge literally and browsed through my archives searching for the blue in my glacier images from our 2013 Alaska RV trip.

I was amazed each time we saw one of these ancient, gigantic bodies of ice. We saw a few from the road, many from nature cruises, and even some from an airplane. Each one took my breath away. We could feel the cold each time we approached one for a closer look. Seeing all these images again brought back many happy memories.

The captain of our cruise from Seward took us close to the Aialik Glacier and shut off the engines so we could see and hear the glacier calving. There’s more about that amazing experience at Glaciers and Wildlife in Seward

Aialik Glacier, Alaska
Calving on Aialik Glacier, Alaska

Probably the most memorable day of our Alaska journey was the day we took a flight seeing trip from Talkeetna. We not only saw glaciers from the air, but our plane landed on one.

Flying over a glacier in Alaska
The blue glacier water can be seen from the air
Beth on Ruth glacier under a clear blue sky

On a nature cruise from Valdez our boat navigated through the ice and in Juneau we saw Mendenhall Glacier up close.

Glacier Blue Ice in Alaskas
Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

While these images make me cold as I look at them they also make me happy. I feel so grateful we were able to make the trip when we did.

Many thanks to Patti for this week’s Lens Artists photo challenge Emotions.

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  1. Hi Beth, and a warm welcome to the Sunday Stills challenge! I dearly love your glacier blues, such an amazing color and I will never get tired of seeing it. I’m jealous of your actual glaciers and hope to photograph my own someday. I post the themes for each month of my Sunday Stills page, so if you are so inclined please feel free to join each week, any day!

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  2. Sounds like a great trip. I love that glacial blue color. Great that you have these photos to help you remember the details about the trip. I’m so glad I took as many photos as I did once I started blogging. I’m writing some very new material right now and am incredibly disappointed in not only the quality of my images but also the lack. Guess I’ll just need to use what I got! I want to fill the 2 year gap from when we bought the RV to when I started blogging.

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    1. Ingrid, I’m so glad you enjoyed the glaciers. I can still remember how cold it was when we were close to them on the boats. I started the blog to keep family and friends updated on our trip. Some days I took hundreds of photos! In most of my early posts I didn’t take time to do much photo editing. I had to post when we had decent internet. I’m looking forward to your new posts. Can’t wait to see the places you went.

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    1. Judy, glad you enjoyed the photos. I’m so grateful we went when we did. We made the decision to go no matter what. I believe if we hadn’t gone that year we probably would never have had another opportunity. Still crossing our fingers about going back on a cruise one day.


  3. Beautiful images Beth – we did a very similar trip and found the glaciers fascinating and beautiful. We also landed on the glacier which was really exciting! I’m sure our emotions related to the experience were very similar to yours. Tragic that the glaciers are melting away. It may only be a few generations before they no longer exist.

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  4. The memories you have of this beautiful place are so incredible!
    We loved the glaciers too. But you found the glacier blue! I love it!
    Thank you so much for sharing… such spectacular captures!
    Have a lovely day Beth!

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  5. We were thinking of a cruise to Alaska just as life for all of us changed. I know you are happy that you got your terrific photos of a memorable lifetime experience.

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