Lens-Artists #95: All Wet

This week, Tina has asked us to show things that are All Wet.

As we traveled through Alaska in 2013 we saw wildlife almost every day and some the animals were all wet.

Two Sea Otters Valdez
Sea Otters on Columbia Glacier tour from Valdez
Puffins on the Columbia Glacier Cruise from Valdez
Moose in pond
Moose in a pond in Denali National Park
Black Bear fishing for salmon in Hyder, Alaska
Black Bear fishing for salmon in Hyder, Alaska

I can’t end this post without including our beloved yellow Labrador Retriever, Blondie. She was happiest when she was all wet. No matter where we were, if there was water around, she wanted to swim in it. She’s been in doggie heaven for over two years now and I still miss her every day.

Our Labrador Retriever loved to share her wetness with us

Many thanks to Tina for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – All Wet


24 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #95: All Wet

  1. Oh what a beautiful name for your Lab! We had a yellow Lab named Bailey. Wonderful friends they are!

    And you got some amazing captures of Alaskan Creatures! I have never seen a puffin… and from your adorable picture… now its on my bucket list!

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  2. Oh, Blondie! I had hoped that she and Zoe would get to hang out in the water one day. Not to be. But they were lucky dogs, both, and we were fortunate to have such dogs in our lives.


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