Lens-Artists #112: Pick a Word

This week, Ann-Christine has challenged us to pick a word and illustrate it with a photo. We can choose one or more words from the following choices: Comfortable, Growing, Tangled, Crowded, Exuberant.

The photo at the top is at a sold out and crowded University of Georgia football game from last year.


Highland Cow at Fernie Castle, Scotland


Illinois Corn


Painted bunting on tangled vines


Crowd before the start of the 2018 Daytona 500

Exuberant and crowded:

Tailgating crowd before the 2019 Georgia Bulldogs vs Notre Dame game in Athens, GA

Ann-Christine, thank you for this weeks Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Pick a Word

28 thoughts on “Lens-Artists #112: Pick a Word

  1. Great series! Love the bunting and its colours. I think many of us have chosen crowded because we don’t really have them anymore…I wonder if they will ever come back.

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    1. Thank you! I think you are right about the crowded. My first thought was football because the stadiums won’t be filled with fans this year. I enjoyed the challenge this week.


    1. Tina, thank you! No huge crowds in Athens this year. The vines are Confederate Jasmine vines that died when when salt water came into our yard from the two hurricanes. I am going to eventually have to pull it all out but for now it makes a nice shade for my arbor and the birds like to perch in it.


  2. Excellent! You got that challenge! The tangled was amazing! And I’m going to miss those college crowds!
    I think our big 10 postponed too quickly but yet, I get it. So many of these kids are getting sick.
    Bravo for the challenge my friend!
    Happy week to you!

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    1. Nancy, thank you! I’ll miss the college football weekend crowds this year. Georgia is scheduled to play 10 SEC games to limited capacity in the stadiums. We’ll watch on our tv at home! Happy Tuesday!

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  3. This is a wonderful gallery of photos! Partial to the “Dawgs” images and the Painted Bunting is awesome! I saw the new SEC schedule come out and fans will be allowed with masks. It will be interesting to see how each school handles the social distancing & how many people will be allowed inside the stadiums. 🙂

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      1. Well, the way Jacksonville is acting, the pandemic is over and we have no issues. It will be interesting to see what transpires between now and then. We never go down there as we don’t like crowds. I would watch as people came in because the stadium was on my way to work/home. Now I don’t have to travel that. We always watch from home. Sometimes, Frank will record the game while we go to the beach and watch it when we get home. He doesn’t check on the score if we do that, but I do.

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          1. I’ve been down there a couple times to tailgate & it was okay. I don’t drink much and the rowdiness of it all…well…yeah…we are getting too old for that too! I’d love to have a small get together for the FL/GA game, but Frank would rather wallow in the loss alone if that’s the case. 🙂

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