Bird Weekly Challenge #12: Seagulls

Seagulls are common here on the Georgia coast. Whether I’m at the beach, riding in the boat, or sitting on my back deck I am likely to see some seagulls. They are so common I hardly even notice them and rarely photograph them. The gull at the top of the page is a ring-billed gull I spotted on the beach one winter.

When the shrimpers clean their nets, seagulls come by for an easy meal
Laughing Gulls are frequently seen where I live in Georgia, but I captured these on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

Thanks you Lisa. for this challenge. Her original post is Bird Weekly Challenge #12 – Seagulls

20 thoughts on “Bird Weekly Challenge #12: Seagulls

      1. Yea, we see them out at Little Talbot but can really get close to seeing them in the St. Marys River at Fort Clinch State Park. I have pics of that too but didn’t think about posting it. πŸ™‚ That’s why I have you and the others!!! LOL!

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    1. I have seen hundreds of them in the early bean fields in central Iowa many miles from a ‘dead’ lake ❗️ They might prefer herring whilst those night crawler worms are sweet to them ;

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  1. We see lots of seagulls on the shore at Lake Michigan. I like early morning walks where groups of them are resting on the sand. Later in the day, they look for food accidentally dropped by beach folk. Thanks for your post, and enjoy your day!

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  2. Great pictures! In response to Ingrid… we have them here at the Lake as well. I have always seen them here so I just thought it was that way. They are on Lake Erie as well.
    Fun challenge! Happy weekend to you!

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  3. Great photos, Beth. When we lived in St. Simons, GA and St. Augustine, FL we had tons of doves. Although they’re surprisingly beautiful, it’s their antics I enjoy. Watching them snatch a sandwich from the hands of an unsuspecting tourist was always a guaranteed event. πŸ™‚ ~Terri

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