Bird Weekly Challenge #27: Birds with Long Wingspans

The wingspan of the American White Pelican can be as much as nine feet wide. A single pelican is shown in the image above and the next image is a trio flying over the water.

American White Pelican

These are some more of of my favorite captures of birds with long wingspans.

Thank you Lisa. for this Bird Weekly Challenge: Birds with Long Wingspans

14 thoughts on “Bird Weekly Challenge #27: Birds with Long Wingspans

  1. WOW! These are great! I’m so appreciative that you found time to go through your archives. We would have hated to miss these. I need to find that Whooping Crane sometime or another. How lucky was getting that Red-tailed Hawk? Rarely see them perched. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Lisa! I have to confess that the photo of the Red-Tailed Hawk is from a presentation of Georgia’s Birds of Prey at Callaway Gardens. Head to Rockport, Texas in the winter to see a Whooping Crane.

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      1. I haven’t been to Texas in almost 3 years. Talked to my sister today and told her I was wanting to come home for a visit. Not happening! We are planning a trip in 2024 to go see the Solar Eclipse. The Whooping Cranes will probably be migrated by April. 🙂

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          1. Blue bonnets were spread out the last time I was home which was the end of March and beginning of April 3 years ago. That never gets old now as an adult. I grew up with them and didn’t appreciate them as a kid. 🙂

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  2. Good Afternoon Beth! What great pictures of beautiful birds! Their wingspans are amazing. Thank you for these captures. Seeing nature is making me feel somewhat better since our scary day yesterday.
    Have a good weekend!

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  3. I love pelicans. Most of ours on the west coast are brown pelicans but we also have the white. Beautiful when they soar above the ocean, as you have captured well. My favorite is when they are diving for fish. Always makes me laugh. Thanks. –Curt

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    1. Curt, thanks for for stopping by my blog. . Where I live in Georgia we see brown pelicans all the time near the ocean. It’s entertaining to watch them dive for fish and make a huge splash. I captured those White Pelicans when we were on the Florida Gulf Coast.


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