More than one Bird Species in a Photo

Our Bird Weekly challenge this week is to show more than one bird species in a photo. The photos at the top of the page and this next photo were taken in the spring near Goose Island State Park in Texas. The Whooping Cranes and Sand Hill Cranes were in a farmer’s field every morning along with ducks and other bird species.

Whooping Crane, Egret, Ducks

We wandered around Everglades National Park several times and enjoyed seeing the many bird species there.

Tri Colored Heron and Roseatte Spoonbill at Mrazek Pond 2012.
Spoonbill and Egret at Mrazek Pond, Everglades National Park 2012
At Mrazek Pond, Everglades National Park 2012

Closer to home, I often see Wood Storks sharing the same space with Egrets, Herons or Ibises. This image is one of my favorites of a Wood Stork with an Egret perched on the same tree branch.

Wood Stork and Egret

Thanks to Lisa for her Bird Weekly Challenge: More than one Bird Species in a photo

19 thoughts on “More than one Bird Species in a Photo

  1. Boy did you hit the target! Personally, I have soft spots for egrets, spoonbills, and wood storks, so you literally took my breath away with these shots and allowed me to enjoy a really great smile while going back for a second and third look. You did yourself proud again. 🙂

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  2. Wonderful gallery this week! I loved seeing the Whooping Cranes and Sandhill Cranes together. I especially loved seeing the color the Black-bellied Whistling Ducks brought to your photo with the Whooper and Snowy Egret. 🙂

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  3. When it comes to bird photos, you certainly are one of the best at capturing them. Would you believe that the road in front of our home has two warning signs notifying drivers to be careful of Sand Hill Cranes crossing the road. 😊

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